• Telltale's horrible treatment of Nick and Sarah, Carver being a lame and uninteresting villain, Sarita being a plot device, Rebecca's 180 of a character in episode 2, Carlos's stupidity and 180 of a character in episode 2, Kenny's "I got lucky" line and the fact nothing new or interesting is done with his character except in episode 5, not very strong character interaction or development, short episodes, Arvo being a plot device, 400 days characters being wasted to stupid cameos, illusion of choice being non existent, most deaths not having any real strong impact, etc. I kind of wish Telltale would go back and remake Season 2, all of these issues could have been avoided easily if Telltale didn't bite off more than they could chew with working on other games and took their time with the story and characters, but I highly doubt they'll do that, at least for now.

  • Too many characters felt like walking plot devices you could see coming a mile away.

    Rebecca pregnant? Yeah, you could see a mile off Clem was going to get loaded with the kid.
    Nick as Ben 2.0. A screwup just because the plot demands somebody screws up.
    Carlos was dead the minute we knew Sarah was sheltered. He was going to die just so she could inevitably go off the deep end.

    Carver being wasted potential. It started off sounding like there was some more grey morality to things. Given how ambigious the Cabin group's escape was I anticipated some surprise where they were pretty bad themselves... instead The Carvernor is a generic tyrant. Oh, and he went out too early. All the biild up for nothing.

    Speaking of wasted potential, interesting characters such as Pete, Matthew and Walter died in their first episodes. It felt like Telltale introduced these interesting personalities who were likeable just for the sake of killing them off, whilst more bland or unlikeable characters lasted longer as a sort of 'build up' but just left the others feeling wasted. There's "anyone can die" and then there's "killing off for the sake of being dark".

    • I do agree a twist with Carver not being as bad as he initially seemed would have been interesting.

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      @Arbitrator and J-Master

      Finally I agree. Brecon sucks. Don't let him ruin 3rd season, TTG.

    • There's "anyone can die" and then there's "killing off for the sake of being dark".


      S2 wasn't bad by any means, but this seems like the mindset of the writers in season two. It gave out the feeling that the writers were trying way too hard this season to be brutal and edgy. Most of the character deaths this season relied on shock value, rather than building up development for a character, not treating them as plot devices, and making the audience care about them before they died.

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    The story remake, Im pretty sure Eddie was suppose to be in ep 4 but I dont know why the hell they changed it. Oh well...

  • Forced relationship with Kenny, unlike s1.

  • I want larger "hubs" back. In Season 1, you could explore Hershel's farm, the Drugstore, Fivel's mansion, Crawford(to an extent), and the motor inn fine. In Season 2, it was a lot more restrictive in the size of the hubs. I also really miss puzzle's. The Episode length was ok, but they could've been longer.

    • The exploration was cool in season one, but I do like the faster pacing season two offered. They chose to focus on season one's strong points. I think both seasons work in their own way.

    • Lack of hubs
    • Omid's death
    • Christa's fate not being revealed
    • Kenny overshadowing other characters
    • Luke's death
  • Lots of well explained criticisms but damn it sounds like a lot of you didn't even like the season! My problems with it are really just nitpicks.

  • Too few hubs

    That's about it for me. We sorely needed interaction, especially 1on1's with Carlos, Alvin, Sarita, Reggie, 400 days characters and Mike.

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