Morgan shepards story part 2 day 13 zombie apocalypse

edited September 2014 in The Walking Dead

*1 day later

"Ok morgan today is the day we vote

"Alright just gimme a second

"Ok morgan

"Ill give you a hour then all of us will decide

*Morgan walks out to check outside walls


*Morgan axes walker

"Sorry this happened to you i wish this dident happen to all that turned but now you can rest in heaven in peace

*Morgan carries body to walker pile and throws them on the pile

*Morgan walks back inside walls

"Ok Morgan you me jesse monica and jessie and grace will decide on this thiefs fate

Gary- "I vote he dies

"Ok gary

Gracie- "I vote he lives

Morgan- "Ok grace

Monica-"I vote he lives

Morgan-Ok Monica

Jesse-"I vote he dies

Morgan-"Ok jessie

Gary-"Well morgan You have the deciding vote

*To be continued

Ok vote below if the thief should live or die the majority will decide morgans choice in part 3


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