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Morgan Shepards Story part 3

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Morgan- "I think we should spare him he hasent done any harm by us

Monica- "Good choice Morgan

Gracie-"Good choice like monica said morgan
Jesse-"What the hell Morgan

Gary-"Yeah i mean he could be dangerous

Morgan-"Yeah i know gary and jesse but he seems like a innocent family man trying to feed his kids

Gary- "I dont know still dont trust him

*Group walks to empty room

*Morgan unties guy

Morgan- "Hey you alright your free to go buddy whats your name


"Nice to meet you marvin well supply you supplies

"Morgan marvin lets have a chat in the house buddy

*group walks over to house

*group sits at table

Gary-"Marvin nice to meet you names gary

Marvin- Sorry for making a bad presence trying to steal my family and group they are starving
"Its ok marvin its understandable

Marvin- Infact my group has heard on early radio broadcasts early on in the apocalypse about places way safer then this

Marvin- Maybe you wanna tag along i heard they have food supplies tons more then here
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Were getting closer and closer morgans season 1 story end

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