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"This is Why Android Should get a Same Day/Week Release Date.

posted by dnsanders on - Viewed by 2.1K users

Like all the other android users, I have to wait like them for Ep 5. And like them I have also complained about us having to wait for weeks after the other platforms to play, while avoiding spoilers.

So everyday I have been checking on google play for the ep 5 update, to avoid the spoilers on the forums. When I find people who already played it writing spoilers in the comments to ruin the ep for android users. This is what I think android users hate the most, we can deal with the wait, because we are always made to wait for longer with no explanation.

This is why there should be a same day/week release date, because there people deliberately trying to ruin the game for us. And this will lead to people not buying it because its been ruined for them!! Which will then lead to telltale losing money and fans!!!

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