Please take this to stop the hate: Survey of TWDG forum (this one's different!) UPDATE:Some Results!

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In an effort to help free us all from the hate around here, I decided to make a short survey to help us understand each other!

I know most people around here use for polls but those don't let you analyze answers to several questions. E.g. I wanted to find answers to questions like, "What percentage of Kenny fans actually stayed with Kenny in the end?" and "What percentage of Luke fans went with Jane, or went alone?" and "Does having a minority opinion mean you're more likely to be vocal or angry?" So I created a surveymonkey, because I'm really curious, and I really think the results will help us realize we're not as polarized as we think we might be!

One note: I know there are sort of more endings if you let the timer run out, but I wanted to keep things simple here and easy to analyze.

Thanks for filling it out [it's short!], and feel free to comment! :) You of course don't have to put your answers below if you don't want to. Hopefully the survey results will help users not be so harsh to each other!

Update: Oops! Didn't realize that I could share results immediately. Here are the preliminary results: so you can see where you are. I still plan on doing an analysis of it by seeing what percentage of certain groups chose one option over another, because that's not presented in that link. Will post that sometime later in a day or two after enough people have taken the survey.

Update #2: Apparently surveymonkey only allows the first 100 responses before I have to pay to look at the rest. -_- Right now I have 110, but I can't see the most recent 10. But still, feel free to fill it out if you haven't yet! I'll try to find some way around it...



  • I hate to say it but I havnt seen that much hate, some people are a bit passionate maybe but nothing to bad, I hope if people are on here they can laugh off if someone is aggressive.

    It shows as its such a diverse choice. Also it should stop soon, its always like this after a major point like this

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    Well that's good you haven't seen much hate. ^.^ And I'm sure it will die down. Nevertheless I'd appreciate if you took the survey. :)

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    Survey monkey xD.

    Edit: also I voted but I forget my answers lol.

  • done.

  • The forum is very pro-Kenny, so I can already tell you what the results will be.

    Stats at the end of the game are way better evidence for the mindset of everyone playing the game: you can easily firugre out how many people who sided with Kenny stayed with him, for example.

    But as it is, the Kenny fans here will be the majority. Basically guaranteed.

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    I hate to say it but I havnt seen that much hate, some people are a bit passionate maybe but nothing to bad, I hope if people are on here they can laugh off if someone is aggressive.

    I agree. I don't know why disagreeing with someone needs to be seen as "hate". I mean.. the point of the forums is to discuss different opinions and stuff is it not? I don't know why people need to take it so personally. (not saying the OP is saying that, just clarifying that people take others opinions way too personally)

  • This is very tame as far as heated arugments go. I was in the Bioware forums when Mass Effect 3 came out. It devolved into death threats.

  • Why can't we all just get along Click here

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    Only because all these other people have not seen all the great pro-Kenny arguments around these forums.. right? ;)

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    That may be true. I'm more interested in the people here on the forum rather than everyone who's played the game. I'm also looking at other variables such as age as well, so I hope to see some trends or something.

  • Hahaha I laughed at this and I feel bad about that :p

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    Yes I'm sure that must be the reason ;)

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    Ah, ok.

    From my experience you will find on average Kenny fans are slightly younger, most in their teens.

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    Yeah, but alot of people that shot Kenny regretted it and rewound from what I've seen.

  • i think people are fallen to the dark side of the force.

  • Yikes. Well I'm glad it hasn't gotten that bad here.

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    Ok. Thanks for your input! That's what I was suspecting too, but I don't want to assume. We'll see if you're right! I'll put up results here in a day or so after I get enough responses. :)

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    If lots of people did that then the statistics would be more in favour of Kenny, as rewinding does affect the statistics I believe.

    Plus, that's mainly because telltale made that ending more happy happy happy cheesefest. It's not saying it's objectively better, just more emotionally rewarding for some people who like Kenny.

  • No it's not just plain disagreement. And really thank you for not putting words in my mouth. I'm all for opinion. But a lot of the arguments around here don't take a lot of things into account even if points have been brought up, and I've seen some rage in some people's responses (on both sides mind you) that just isn't warranted.

  • Yeah. So hopefully if people answer honestly when I asked, "What was your ending if you didn't rewind?" we can get some different results there too.

  • You mean this one? (The dark side has cookies. >.<)

    Alt text

    Credit to @JonGon for bringing this glorious thing to my attention haha.

  • I rewound so I could shoot him twice


    Just kidding don't hurt me

  • Good thing you put that question there, then.

  • Well I filled it out for you, for anyone interested HERE are my answers.

    To be completely honest I am rather curious as to what the others have answered myself, here's hoping that you get enough responses soon.

  • Thanks so much! So far I have 72 responses so pretty good! Planning to wait a day or so for more people to see it, then will post results here or on a new thread with a link posted here.

  • For the sake of honesty, I fell like I should post mine too:

    Q1 = Male

    Q2 = 14-17 (17)

    Q3 = Shot Kenny; went with Jane; let family in.

    Q4 = Let Kenny kill Jane; went with Kenny; left Wellington with Kenny.

    Q5 = Kenny

    Q6 = Luke

    Q7 = Kenny

    Q8 = I like Kenny/Luke/Jane.

    Q9 = 1%-33% of my comments/posts are heated.

    Q10 = Clem, AJ, and Kenny.

    For those wondering. Sorry, not sorry.

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    Very cool. Here's mine as well (I guess as the OP I should huh? lol)

    Q1 = Female

    Q2 = 23-26 (25)

    Q3 = First ending before rewinding: Shot Kenny; abandoned Jane.

    Q4 = Preferred ending: Shot Kenny; went with Jane; let family in.

    Q5 = Leaning towards pre-No Going Back: Luke

    Q6 = Character you identify with the most: Jane (I'm not crazy though!)

    Q7 = Character you like the most: Luke

    Q8 = I like Kenny/Luke/Jane

    Q9 = How often you find yourself arguing: 1%-33% of my comments/posts are heated.

    Q10 = Who'd you end up with the end of your first play-through: Just Clem and AJ with the herd.

    I'm a minority in every one, according to the results I have so far, though some of them are closer than others. * sigh * Oh well.

    I should also explain my ending. I've always liked Jane from the minute we met her, and I will defend her when I feel the need to. I really relate to her myself (I'm quite a realist, though I'm nowhere near as cold as Jane.) I love that she wants a sisterly relationship with Clem, because I am a female and am close to my sisters as well. However I really think Luke would've been the best choice for Clem to go with from a nurturing perspective; I wasn't even expecting Jane to come back in ep 5, and Kenny is just too unstable to properly care for her without getting violent or verbally abusive imo. I think Kenny had to be shot because he was too dangerous. (Don't get me wrong, Kenny's great! I didn't want him to die! I really wanted Kenny and Luke to get along and they were starting to...and then Luke died. * sigh *) But after I found out Jane had essentially made Clem a murderer for a terrible reason (tho I think it's just bad writing), I literally couldn't forgive her. I still can't forgive her, even though I really really want to. But I still love her character. My ideal ending would've been letting the timer run out so I wouldn't forgive Jane, but still go with her. In time I think I can forgive her, but not right now, even though she's still an awesome character, and I'm still a Jane fan. And realizing that Jane lets the family in at the end if the timer runs out definitely helps. :)

  • Q1 = Male

    Q2 = 30+ (31)

    Q3 = First ending before rewinding: Left Wellington with Kenny

    Q4 = Preferred ending: Left Wellington with Kenny

    Q5 = Leaning towards pre-No Going Back: Kenny

    Q6 = Character you identify with the most: Kenny

    Q7 = Character you like the most: Kenny

    Q8 = I like Kenny & Luke

    Q9 = How often you find yourself arguing: 1%-33% of my comments/posts are heated.

    Q10 = Who'd you end up with the end of your first play-through: Clem, AJ and Kenny

    Q11 = What IS the secret of Monkey Island ? : err... Look behind you, a Three-Headed Monkey!

  • Lol at Q11 I should've put it in there! Thanks for posting your answers. ;)

  • I don't really consider myself a fan of anyone. I'm just a fan.

  • S'all good. ^.^ I tried to keep all choices available for everyone, so hopefully I did for you? Sorry there was an ultimatum on some questions, but I wanted to see what people would choose.

  • He he ;)

    Looking forward to the results.

    I'm curious wether a player's gender has an influence on the identification to the character. Will you analyze this ?

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    Yes I will analyze it! :) And I've posted preliminary results now, though I haven't cross-analyzed the questions yet and unfortunately that's not available in the public view but I'll post it later. Was wondering about the gender thing as well, and will look into that!

  • Great !

    Once again, looking forward to your conclusions.

    Good idea you had there !

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