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Kenny and the Stranger

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People usually justify Kennys reckless behaviour because of the loss of his family and later girlfriend. Kenny lost so much and it ate him from inside and he became unstable and even violent.

The Stranger lost his family too. First his son to the woods, and when they went searching for him, Kenny (and possibly Lee) decided to steal Strangers supplies from the car. Now, after Stranger lost his son, his wife got so angry at him and called him a monster, but finding that their supplies were stolen broke the camel's back. She started to blame her husband more and more as they got hungrier, and eventually she left him with the daughter. Later Stranger found her wife and daugher dead on side of a road and that broke him inside. After he heard how Lee treated Clementine and what danger he put her into, Stranger decided to kidnap Clementine for her own safety. This ultimately lead to Lee getting bit (because during kidnapping, Clementine dropped her hat and when Lee was picking up her walkie talkie, he got bit.)

Now there are many people who side with Kenny on this eternal fight between subjective moral value thingy, and i just decided to bring other perspective to it.

Do you think that the loss of Strangers family, justified his actions? Because if it didnt, then neither did Kennys loss justify his reckless behaviour and murders/caused deaths.

There are only so many things you can blame on loss of family/close ones, until you have to face the facts that there is something wrong with that person and it cant be fixed.

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