• Gonna bump this seeing as I'm curious to see how many people agree and how many disagree.

    • I agree with almost everything, although "I want to see her suffer!" feels quite misplaced if I am honest, also about "I'd rather Clementine die in Season 2 and that be it over with than get thrown into an entirely different group that we all know's going to end up dead anyway" do you really mean this?

      • As for the first sentence, no, I'm just kidding! xD I love Clem and it'd be great if she made it through everything alive. But in terms of the second sentence you mentioned, yeah, I do mean that. Maybe I'm a false fan for only wanting the game's seasons to continue for as long as Clementine does, but meh... I just think seasons without her would feel empty.

        • I fully agree with everything you've said. I just made a post in some other thread on my thoughts about this but yeah. They have more potential now than ever before, I can't see them throwing it all away now. If they do start over, then what was the point of the first two seasons? To build up to.. Nothing?

    • I agree completely, Clementine is the soul of this game and the first one (Lee goes without saying). The ONLY way I could allow another character from scratch is if they be real smart about it. (I've not read the comics btw) I would suggest either a member of Lee's family or someone whom is attached to one of the characters we love, come across Clementine and you get to build a bond with the Clementine you have helped mature. OR a great character like the father Rick Grimes meets in the first season and I think the 4th? season of the walking dead show. I could accept that, but I just couldn't accept another game with only the idea that "somewhere she's out there" as the only link to the previous journey.

      What I'd rather see though is Clem return as main character and with more dream talks with the Lee you created in season 1. Now that would be awesome!

  • From what I have seen most of the people that either want a new protagonist or for Clementine to not appear in Season 3 want that simply because they fear that continuing her story would render their personal ending and thus choice pointless, others have stated that they are content with the ending they have and feel that it provides enough closure to be final.

    As far as I am concerned though, Clementine should be the Season 3 protagonist (not deuteragonist, we have seen how the last one ended up), however you have to think about the implications this has, obviously Telltale has to somehow tie in all the different endings into one storyline without making our choices seem meaningless. That is the problem we should come up with a solution to.

    If anyone can think of an idea that would provide us with an actual solution on how to start Season 3 properly it would be much appreciated.

    • I have faith that Telltale will up their game and make our Season 2 endings feel meaningful in the third season. In the Playing Dead video they claimed they already had ideas going forward so I'm sure they'll manage to present us with something satisfying. Then again, I wouldn't particularly care if my choices didn't affect the outcome of the story itself. My only concern is that all the dialogue choices and decisions I make influence Clementine herself and the way she acts.

    • Simple. Get Clementine snd AJ alone, for at least a few episodes. BAM.

      Ok, now since it's just Clem and nobody else but AJ, we can finally see her strive as a character and build off of all of our previous choices. She was there for all of them after all. Everything you've done up to this point has shaped Clementine into your own unique version, now lets allow that flower to blossom and see what we've done.

  • Personally, I hope her story is over because I got the perfect ending and it ended happy. I don't want it to continue and end sad.

    • That's fair. I'm just more partial to stories that have a definitive beginning and end, rather than ones that make me wonder about what happened. My ending was Clem being alone with AJ, which is of course very dark and honestly quite worrying and I'm left concerned about what's gonna occur in future.

    • This is The Walking Dead we're talking about here. You know that right? There is no happy ending in a zombie apocalypse, the end of the world isn't supposed to be happy. There are small moments of joy here and there, but that's all you can hope for. This is not that kind of story, and that's why I love it so.

    • That's a real buzzkill if you think that way. Clem story is the only story that is gonna make me feel emotion. Taking that away is stupid. Ricks storyline is 2 decades old. Clem deserves to keep going

  • If I were penning Season 3, I'd switch to a different protagonist (i.e., playable character) than Clementine. Yet, I wouldn't abandon her story. Instead, much like Lee served as the protagonist in Season 1, but the story was still about Clementine, I'd set up Season 3 to do the same. That's why the protagonist I'd choose for Season 3 would be...her uncle. Another father-figure type. Someone who lived apart from Clementine's family when the zombie outbreak occurred. And, for him, his personal journey is an attempt to rejoin his brother's family (and hence, Clementine...because we already know her parents are dead).

    I'd open the first episode of Season 3 with her uncle having finally made his way to Clementine's home, only to discover the dead babysitter...the same message on the answering machine from her mom...and I'd even let him discover a camcorder with the home movie the babysitter took of Clem discovering those baby raccoons in her treehouse and telling her mom about it on the phone. To me, that would immediately invest everyone playing this new protagonist in finding Clementine and helping her. It'd be a lengthier version of what Lee had to go through while looking for her in Savannah. And that's what episode 1 would focus on. This protagonist would start his own journey towards Savannah (in a car so he could make better time)...only, we all know he'd be headed in the wrong direction, because we already know Clementine and her group moved north towards Wellington. He would encounter various challenges in heading there, thinking he was going to rejoin his brother (Clementine's dad). And, along the way, I'd have him encounter someone like Molly who can tell him about Lee and Clementine. And, for story purposes, that encounter would redirect his path, turning away from Savannah and back north in an attempt to find Clem. He might even take Molly with him.

    Episode 2 would then have him encounter another familiar face...Lilly. He might trust her initially, but once he discovers she too has a history with Clementine, he might take her with him, as well, all of them working together to head north. And, since Molly never met Lilly, she wouldn't know any of her history and why Lee's group abandoned her. Lilly would probably lie about it, wanting the others to trust her so they'd accept her and she could belong to a group again. There'd be more difficulties and complications as they continued north, but also small clues and hints of Clem's survival.

    Eventually, in Episode 3, I'd consider having them encounter (and rescue?) Christa. She'd be able to provide the most concrete and recent information regarding Clementine. And, like the protagonist, there could be an amount of guilt and concern driving Christa to want to help find her. Like Kenny in Season 2, I imagine Christa would be a bit worn down from her own ordeals. But looking for Clementine with her uncle would give her purpose again. Maybe there'd even be an opportunity for the protagonist to bond with Christa, and even fall in love to create further emotional ties to the character. That would pay off dividends if Christa is eventually one of the characters killed off in Season 3.

    By episode 4, I think it'd be time to finally find Clementine. The timeline would have advanced a bit from where Season 2 left her. Much like the gap between the ending of Season 1 and how we saw Clementine in Season 2 with Christa and Omid, she would have aged a bit more. However Season 3 ended up (and the choices that were made regarding who was with her or whether she headed off alone with AJ), those choices would decide the circumstances of how she's found and the fate of those who were with her at the end of Season 3. Regardless, she'll be reunited with her uncle (and Christa, Molly, and Lilly, potentially). But, episode 4 will also need to present some new danger she's facing...some kind of trouble which her uncle will have to help her overcome or escape. The remainder of episode 4 will lay the groundwork for that.

    And then we get to episode 5. This is where Lilly (if she's still alive) will create additional problems and complications with whatever challenge Clem and her uncle are facing. You'll have to decide exactly who you're willing to sacrifice in order to save Clementine. Maybe it comes down to a choice between Christa (whom you've just bonded with), your niece Clementine, or yourself. Either way, it should present even more gut-wrenching decisions and outcomes. But, overall, it should continue Clementine's story. It puts her back in touch with more characters who know her (rather than all new strangers). And it sets up Season 4 (hopefully) for turning back to Clementine again as a playable character, but with an extra set of experiences for her to draw on through the interaction with her uncle.

    But that's one idea, I guess.

    • Woah! Upvote for effort and creativity.

      I like the general idea of this and could see it working pretty darn well. Hell, Clem doesn't need to be protagonist or deuteragonist for me to be interested, I just want her to have a large role to play and this concept of yours appeals to both me and those that don't want to continue playing as her anymore.

      • Yep. That's the idea. Satisfy both camps just enough that it draws everyone into the story. The bottom line is you still get to experience Clementine's story moving forward. She's in the episodes (but not every single one). Yet, her presence is there (much like Lee's in Season 2) in the earlier episodes with the camcorder flashback and the stories Molly, Lilly, Christa, and her uncle would have to share about her. By the time you get to the ending of Episode 3 or 4 and encounter her again, it'll set up some pretty good drama for the wrap-up.

        • I want Clem and only Clem, just because I want to see what SHE has become with no more people guiding her along. I really want to see how she'll deal with AJ too. They've just built up far too much potential with her character to have it any other way. I honestly feel like next season is what the whole thing was leading up to in regards to her character. The first two seasons were all about teaching her how to adapt to the world, now we're putting her to the ultimate test and we have to be there every step of the way, because whatever is coming next is going to be huge. She's all on her own now. It will be the moment when all of our choices in shaping this girl come together into what she'll become when she's figuring things out all by herself for once.

          I hope that's how it plays out anyways..

          • I say they just need at least a season trilogy dedicated only to Clementine and her growing up in the apocalypse. After season 3 its open season to other characters and ideas. If folks want to play as barbarian grown football player looking men that mindlessly plow and mow through zombies then just go play Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil. Or the ton of other games that focus on action only. I never cared much that much for those types and these Tell-Tale Walking Dead games were what brought me to The Walking Dead franchise originally anyway, because of the story of survivors and not so much the meaningless button mashing action.

    • Good idea :3 Although Telltale scrapped the idea of playing as her brother because they already know each other, a bond already,so wouldn't that be the same with the Uncle? Unless he didn't actually see the family much

      • I don't think that matters as much now seeing as the player's bond with Clementine has already been completely solidified. I do think the uncle would have to be pretty distant, though, for us to actually be able to tailor his character into something we want, rather than something already set in stone.

      • That's exactly the way it would need to be. This uncle would have been estranged from Clementine's family. He wouldn't have seen them in quite some time, but the zombie outbreak would finally have given him the clarity he needed about what his extended family (and brother) means to him. As a result, he'd be trying to reconnect with them, both to make amends and to ensure they're safe. Maybe he believes he's better suited for surviving and he thinks he can help them. And, once he learns Clem's parents are dead, she'd be his last remaining family to reconnect with. That would set him up as a flawed, sympathetic character from the get-go...much like Lee.

    • Enough father figures. Besides, if Clem had any family left she would have mentioned them at some point. This is a real ass-pull.

      Christa was pretty much third-place in terms of the bond she left with Clem, even though the writers never really seemed to acknowledge that the woman literally kept Clem alive far longer than anyone else so far.

      • True, there have indeed been too many father figures around as far as I'm concerned. I'd like a unique protagonist if they're turning away from Clem... Someone who's nothing like Lee or Clementine.

      • That's an excellent point about Christa. In fact, her story just abruptly ends. It'd be nice to see where she wound up, since...if you don't see a WD character die, chances are they're still alive. You could start Season 3 with Christa, seeing where she went after losing contact with Clem in Season 2.

        She eventually gets to Wellington, meets up with Edith (or whatever the guard's name was) and she says something like "A girl came through here asking about you...her name was Clementine."

      • We've had father figures... mother figures (somewhat)... what about a friend? Clementine is one tough cookie, and extremely unique. But what if the new protagonist is a kid in the same situation? I understand that we've already played from the kid angle, but maybe if there is a short time-jump so Clem is a little older and the new child protagonist is older as well, it might interesting to see how preteens, who don't know what it's like to fall in love and just be hormonal and young, handle the apocalypse. Maybe Clem herself could fall in love? Or that crappy 'love' you experience when you're thirteen.

        The first few episodes might be just about the new boy (or girl?) and how life has been for them in this hell of a world, and then they meet up? I don't know about you guys, but I think watching two clever thirteen/fourteen year-old best friends, slicing and hacking their way through life, would be super cool.

    • That's one unique way of approaching season 3. But there's still a few hurdles to overcome.

      Playing as Clem's uncle would mean the player possesses knowledge of other characters/plot developments that the PC lacks. This means, if the uncle were to run into Lily, he'd be ignorant about the whole "shooting Carly/Doug" thing, unless Lily told him - which is unlikely.

      Also, we'd essentially be retracing all of our steps in season 1 and 2. I'd prefer to explore new environments and landscapes.

    • Telltale: Damn, someone already guessed our plot, we'll have to rewrite season 3 all over again!

      At least that's what I find risky posting about these kind of things. Sure it's a cool idea for season 3, but that's the thing, Telltale could have already had one of these ideas, but since you posted this before season 3 going up, Telltale might have to change a few things in order to avoid ripping you off.

      Still a pretty neat idea for season 3 though.

      • True that. I doubt Telltale would ever directly take someone's idea and use it as their plotline for a game... Doesn't mean they can't gain inspiration from it though.

      • Lol that doesn't matter. No offense or anything, but regardless of our speculations they won't change the entire season just because we guessed a small, or even a large part of it. It really doesn't matter, it's just talk.

    • A lot of good thoughts here. Nice post . My big issue with this, or any other scenario that has Clem as a major non-playable part of the story is one I've mentioned elsewhere.

      Now that TTG has gotten so many people invested in Clementine's story, and given us what free reign they have to handcraft that emotional investment and her personality; now that so many of us have very personal and very different ideas of who Clementine is, writing her as a non-playable will be almost impossible to do. No matter what course the writers take with her there will be a not insignificant number of people who, at some point or other during the game, indignantly throw their controller down and shout, "NO! No, that is NOT what Clem would do!" There's just no way to approach it that won't leave one or another type of player feeling as if she's behaving in a wildly out-of-character fashion.

    • is it me or the frozen walker from the No Going Back episode seem to have some kind of importance, like it met something? Maybe that walker was Clem's uncle,but he died in the snow and failed to find Clem.

      Also it would be kickass if it was like a badass aunt.

      Aside from that, the plot is amazing.

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    NerdyGeek BANNED

    Because she's awesome, I lover her, and she's the coolest little girl I know.

  • Timeskip a few years...

    Clem becomes the new Lee.

    AJ becomes the new Clem.

    The journey goes full circle and the student becomes the mentor. I believe this would be a perfect way to cap off Clem in a trilogy.

    • The unfortunate thing is the comics pretty much prevent this. There could be a time-skip of a few years but I think it'd be difficult for us to grow a bond with a virtual toddler. Because Clem was eight when we were introduced to her she already wasn't completely dependent on others and was able to think and speak for herself... I'm worried a toddler might just be a bit of an annoyance or at least a lot less engaging than Clem was, but perhaps Telltale could pull it off. I think it'd be best for AJ to either end up dying or remain a baby, and definitely not be the key focus of Season 3. Telltale would be retreading old ground if they did that.

      • Nope. The comics just did another timeskip of "indeterminate time" (Kirkman's wording). There's headroom for a timeskip.

        • Oh! I'm not all too familiar with the comics so that's news to me. Well, in that case... Awesome. Glad to hear Telltale get more freedom with Season 3.

        • User Avatar Image
          OzzyUK Moderator

          I'm pretty sure that the recent timeskip in the comics was around 2 years unless i missed one of Robert's letter hacks, i think the "indeterminate time" that Kirkman was referring to was how long Rick was in a coma for.

          I would love for Clementine to be protagonist in season 3 and if she isn't i would want her to have a really strong deuteragonist role.

      • Or Clem brings AJ to Wellington.

        If you went with Jane back to Howes, Howes can get overrun, Jane can die (please Jane die), the other family can either escape or die, and Clem can escape with AJ, find Wellington, and they let her give them AJ because he's a baby (and they could be jerks and not let Clem in).

        If you went with Kenny to Wellington, and Wellington lets Clem and AJ in, Clem can wind up leaving Wellington but leaving AJ there (maybe she hears a lead on Christa and needs to find her).

        If you went with Kenny to Wellington, and Clem refuses to abandon Kenny, Kenny will probably die right near the beginning, and Clem will bring AJ to Wellington and ask them to take AJ.

        If it was just Clem and AJ on their own, Clem can get to Wellington, give them AJ, then go out on her own again.

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      CathalOHara Moderator

      This was my idea too, would make more sense from a writer's perspective in my opinion too. We'd come across full circle with a trilogy showing Clementine's beginnings to her becoming a hardened heroic survivor, like Lee was.

      Plus, I simply don't think it's such a good idea to change the protagonist every season. It worked from Lee to Clem since you trained her to be able to take care of herself. But Season Three I just don't see it working unless they just want to reboot the series. And if they do that, I think they should just restart the number and not call it Season Three.

  • Game can't go past comics so the oldest she can be in season 3 is 14 which is a great teen age in my opinion. Or they could just pick it up where they left off.

    I agree with you I don't think Clem's story has been told 110% yet and I feel she should get one more season at least... If we played as someone else all our previous choices will have little relevance to the story...

    • Yeah, it'd be awesome to see a 14 year old Clementine. She'd probably be pretty damn tough for her age considering the constant exercise she'd naturally acquire throughout survival and because of her being a teenager it might make a little more sense for her to be making decisions.

      • Yea for some reason I really want to see what she will be like in season 3 in her teen years.. watching her slowly grow as each season goes on is extremely satisfying to me.

        its kind of weird to think that Clem is actually older than most on here.. The outbreak began in 2003 so that would make Clem 19 in 2014.

    • User Avatar Image
      CathalOHara Moderator

      At this point, I don't think Kirkman will really mind anymore. TT's TWD has become something far bigger than a spin-off, it has it's own entity now that I feel like it deserves 100% create control from Telltale at this point.

      Plus, it takes place in a different State, I doubt the ZA will be ending any time soon so I don't think there's really that much of a problem being a time-skip to be honest.

      • I hope you're right. It'd be a damn shame if Kirkman tightly restricted Telltale's freedom to manufacture a decent story. So far he's allowed them to do quite a lot, though, so I'm sure he'll give the developers some leeway in terms of time-skips.

    • Hey, and we'd be able to compare her with Ellie from TLoU properly by then, since they have the same age. :3

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    ErenCoral BANNED

    I totally agree with you, I would love to see Clem as a hardcore survivalist (Like Jane) in season 3.

  • I agree with you. A week ago I finished TWD2 and still can't stop thinking about TWD3. I spent a lot of time on reading "things and stuuuff" on this forum, and here is my conclusion about "what we will get on TWD3 and why I believe that Clem will be still main character?"

    1. Probably some part of you watched TWD tv series, or read the comic. The main character of these histories is Rick Grimes which is also protagonist, like Clem. So what I want to tell? That TT always wanted to make Clem as protagonist, she even was the main character in S1 but not playable. We have to play as someone older, to see from other perspective in which world we used to live now. If we start to play as Clem ... that would be ridiculous. Someone have to teach her how to survive that world, she is just a little girl who lost parents and who lives now totally alone (maaan, that sad as hell :<) so she have to only count on herself. Everything goes to one point that this is a chronicle about Clem like TWD tv series and TWD comic is chronicle about Rick and they don't want to kill her and she will be live very long.
    2. The Walking Dead Season 3 will be still continuation. Why? Because, if TT really wanted to make other history, about different characters, I belived that they would pick other name for that game. Sounds stupid? Maybe, but look on this from other side. The same example - TWD tv series, which is also episodical. Each new episode is contiunation about previes one.
  • I wanted Christa to show up in ep 5 so we could play as her in season 3 with Clem around as the person our choices made her. Since Christa didn't come back I think season 3 should go back in time and we play as Christa from the time they were separated. The timeskip required to make AJ someone I really want to deal with as just Clem is unappealing in terms of continuing the story.

    • I think Christa needs to make a return of some form in Season 3. I'd like some closure in terms of her story, and I'd like the fate of her baby to be properly explained.

      • Her baby seems to get a direct reference in ep5 so I'm hoping for dlc to explain that and get us ready to play as Christa in season 3.

        • Hm, I'm not so sure about playing as her in the season. She's already a fairly established character and I think Telltale could take a more interesting route with Clem or another protagonist. I do think there should be DLC released that shows us what happened between Season 1 and Season 2, however.

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