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Nice things about the guy/gal above!

posted by Eguro on - last edited - Viewed by 5.1K users

I know this kind of thread is somewhat... old fashioned? Cliché? Something along those lines.

However, as I am tired of seeing thread after thread of Jane Vs. Kenny or something like that - especially since we've pretty much covered everything, and everyone should at least have had a chance to see the arguments of "the other side" as it were.

So instead let's try the simple game of writing something nice about the person above us. It can be "nice name" - "You're usually polite" - what ever you can think of really.

To avoid the thread becoming completely cluttered here are a few rules:

  1. Please refrain from using the "reply" button. Instead simply write a new comment, specifying the person you're writing about and what nice thing you have to say about him/her.
  2. Only write a response to the person who has most recently replied to the thread, as in whoever is last in the thread when you entered.
  3. Have fun, be nice, and feel free to be creative.

If we can make it through the first page which out this getting derailed, I'd reckon our little community is rather healthy...

Of course, this is all just a ruse to have some poor fool write something nice about me to start us off :P

PS: For the love of God, don't enter backhanded compliment territory. No "you're really good at being a dick" comments ;)

A QUICK EDIT: This has quickly become really confusing! Huzzah to that. And you have to love the total disregard for the rules above (rules are just guidelines that get in the way!) :D

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