Morgan shepards story part 4 day 15 Semi-Final

Morgan-"Ok Marvin well go with you and your group to up north


Morgan-"Ill get the supplies you guys gets packed up


*1 hour later

Morgan-"Fills pickup truck with gas

Morgan-"Well thats the last of it might need to search for more soon or later but this will do

*Everyone walks out and packs stuff into the back

Morgan-"Ok here wego

*Morgan drives to macon where camp is

Marvin-"Guys these are alittle friends of mine sorta And morgan i would like you to meet my daughter katie and my wife jennet

Morgan-"Nice to meet you 2

Katie-"Hi Nice to meet you morgan

Jennet-"Nice to meet you

*Everyone packs stuff in the back and hops in back

Were on are way

2 Hours later

Morgan-"Oh shit

Jesse-"What is it morgan?!?!

Morgan-Were about to run out of gas

Marvin-"Lets try to get as far as possible we might have to carry are stuff and abandon this truck because we cant delay safety for gas

Morgan-"Alright if you say so

*Everyone grabs stuff and walks on foot up north

Jesse"Oh Shit

Morgan-"What jesse?

Jesse-"Points infront of road

Morgan-" Anyone got any ideas?

Gary-"Morgan i know i might sound out of my mind but what if we could kill 1 cover areself in there scent and blend and slip right through its a risk we have to take

Morgan-"We dont have much choice and turning back aint much option

Jesse-"Ill take out a walker straying from the herd near us and well hope this works otherwise well be in a hairy situation

*Marvin axes walker

*Marvin cuts open walker

Marvin-"Grabs guts ok me first then morgan then everyone else

*Marvin smears clothes in walker guts

Marvin-"Ok morgan your turn

*Marvin hands morgan guts

*Morgan smears himself in walker guts

*Everyone smears it on there clothes

Morgan-"Lets go slow and act like the walkers dont get scared or talk if you do 1 wrong move this could screw us over royally

*Groups walks through Horde slowly

Morgan-*Whispers Were almost there

Katie- *says loudly I LOVE YOU DAD

Morgan-"Oh shit grabs katie runs through

*Walker grabs and bites jesse on leg


Jesse-" Just go! its too late for me

*To be continued finale up next to season 1 finale of the morgan shepards story

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In finale were gonna have character devolpment im sorry we dident have much of it but the finale is gonna have alot of it and is gonna be about 10 to 50 minutes of reading material of a finale so stay tuned


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