(Poll/Discussion) Does Clem have a crush on Luke, and is there a problem with that?

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Alright, before any of you go apeshit and point fingers at me for "being a Cluke supporter":


Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I'd like you all to recall this particular portion of Episode 5:

Alt text

Alt text

Is Clem simply stating her loyalty to Luke, or is she implying that she has a bit of a crush on him? I think it's perfectly normal for a little girl to like an older guy, as long as the guy doesn't reciprocate the feelings. It's very normal for minors and teenagers to develop crushes on celebrities (Justin Bieber, The Jonas Brothers, etc.) and attractive men in general. So, that being said, is there really anything wrong with Clementine having a childish little crush on a cute boy?

So, here's a poll. I've included some weird options on the offchance that any of you guys have views that are kind of, uh, out there.




  • I'd be lying if I told you I didn't think Clem had a crush on him from time to time. I'm perfectly fine with Clem having a crush o him, it's just when people start thinking Luke felt the same for the 11-year old girl do I start to get freaked out.

  • She doesn't have a crush on Luke, but it would be fine if she did.

  • I don't think she has a crush on Luke.Even if she did, there's no problem with that I guess. Luke would be the kind of nice looking guy plus he's really polite.

  • Even if she did, it wouldn't be a big deal, as long as he doesn't like her back. When I was younger I always had crushes on my sisters boyfriends. Everyone thought it was funny and not a big deal that I did.

  • Maybe a little kiddo 'crush', but that's something totally different as if it was the other way around.

  • Pretty sure it's up to the player to believe she does or not. If she did, it'd be perfectly fine. She's a young girl nearing puberty who probably feels some level of attraction towards guys.

  • I know *MyChem *does. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Sure its fine, if SHE has a crush on him, not the other way.

  • So far, nobody's accused me of being a Cluke shipper.

    This is a good start.

  • I agree, absolutely not an issue. When I was Clem's age i've crushed on older men, my younger brother's friend who is also in the same age group has a crush on me and it is all completely innocent. It wouldn't be the same same as a full grown adolescent lusting after someone. Kids at that age don't have the knowlege set or the developed hormones for a crush to be anything more than sweet or pure.

  • It means what you want it to mean for your Clem. When I realized this was an option I went for it. Clem is an 11 year old girl forced to grow up so fast and I think its unfair. I'm not shipping Cluke or whatever we're calling it but I am playing it with that 11 year old girl mindset. It wont be too long before puberty sets in. Its not uncommon for kids to naively crush on someone. I remember crushing so hard on Kirsten Dunst when I was a young lad. I absolutely adored her in Jumanji and I recently watched it again (RIP Robin Williams) and remembered why. It was never sexual. You ask a kid what they mean when they say they have a crush on someone they most likely will tell you they have no idea... In fact I doubt they'd even call it crush... Just someone they like. It was a nice little touch giving Clem this little touch of innocence cause an 11 year old isn't going to see whats wrong with crushing on a fully grown adult. When Clem says "i know what you guys are talking about..... Kissing and stuff." That's probably exactly what she thinks they're talking about. Unaware of the truth Besides its amusing watching Luke squirm.

    That might make people uncomfortable and thats normal but I'm not shipping Luke and Clem by any stretch. I'm simply giving Clem this little taste of innocence in this harsh world that is hell bent on stripping it from her.

  • I think if she did have a crush, she'd be more jealous of Jane and would have had her feelings hurt by Luke over the "kissing stuff."

  • 2 people have said that it'd be wrong for Telltale to depict Clementine as having a crush on an older man. I'd honestly prefer if one of you guys would speak up about it.

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    Wtf you disgusting cluke shipper!!!!!! (Had to do it.)

  • a kid that age crushing over someone probably has no idea what its about. I doubt her parents ever gave her the birds and the bees talk especially since she was 8 when everything fell apart. For all she knew at her age is that kissing is something friends do.

  • Having a crush on someone doesn't always mean that you want to have sex with them. Clem doesn't need to know where babies come from to have an understanding of what her feelings mean.

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    I think it's normal for young girls to have an innocent crush on older men that they look up to. It happens. I think it means two very separate things when comparing a crush that an eleven year old has and a teenager/adult has. The latter tends to be more sexual while the former is.. innocent. I don't really know how else to explain that. However, it becomes a problem when the adult reciprocates those feelings. That's not the case here though, so I won't get into it.

    I think you can interpret that line however you want. I took it as her just stating that he means a lot to her so she would always come back for him. The others, since they had just been talking about Jane, took this as her indicating a crush. Clementine probably caught onto this and, to remind everyone that she just views him as a friend, said "you know what I mean."

    Someone should ask Melissa one day how she herself interpreted this line. Voice actors are given direction on how to say lines and what the context of it is.

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    Asking her about it is a really good idea, but I doubt she'd respond. Her twitter's kind of empty when it comes to replying to fans. Wouldn't hurt to try, though.

    EDIT: And uh, Clem's defensivenesss kind of suggested to me that she MIGHT have a crush on Luke.

  • I think Clementine meant that she'd come back to the group and help them out just because of Luke, although, that may be because of his past actions.

  • I don't think Clem likes him, but it could be possible. I don't think Luke likes Clem either. If it were to be that way however, I wouldn't have a problem with it.

  • Maybe she likes him as he is a cute handsome manly man, who wouldn't fall for Luke? If I was a girl in the apocalypse, I'd totally let Luke look out for walkers with me if you catch my drift.

  • He's like her big brother you f**ing creeps!

  • I already tried to establish that in the OP, but yeah.

  • Shes around him a lot so it would be perfectly normal for Clementine have a crush on Luke.

  • My Clementine has a crush on Luke and thats perfectly okay

    Clementine has a crush on him she doesnt want to be dating or kissing him or anything like that. Crushing is a fantasy it doesnt mean youll ever date the person, and not a fantasy like that... Clementine sees Luke as someone she looked up too and since she is hitting puberty and her horomones are starting to rage it is perfectly normal for Clementine to feel an attraction to Luke. If Clementine loved Luke in the sense she wanted to date him and Luke felt the same way.... id personally punch all the writers at Telltale even those who dont work on Walking Dead.

  • I thinks she did but she probably didn't know ( I don't know if this makes sense$

  • I think you can interpret that line as either friendly or her having a crush. It's fine for a young girl to have a crush on an older man/woman. The only problem I have is when people think it's ok for the adult to return the crush.

    It's pretty adorable to think of Clem having a crush, though I still prefer the dorky brother/sister relationship personally.

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    It's ok for her to have a crush, but if Luke were to have one in return, then that is a WHOLE COMPLETELY MOTHAFUCKIN DIFFERENT STORY!

    Besides, it's just a small crush. We've all had those from time to time, it doesn't effect us dearly.

  • He's a nice, good-looking man. Little girls get crushes on those kinds of men all the time.

  • Yay cluke!!!

  • My main Clem has a crush on him. Luke has fancy hair and doest treat her like a little kid. Which kinda makes him perfect 11 year old girl crush material :p

  • God why do people keep bringing this up

  • Still a better love story than twilight

  • There was never any problem... Lexi made it a problem...

  • You got that right mate ;)

  • If you're joking: That's not that funny.

    If you're not: Fuck you.

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