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If You (Yes, You) made Telltale Games Television Commercial.

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If you made a television commercial for telltale games what would you do?
Post your ideas, no matter how ingenious or stupid they are, the good people of telltale games want to hear!

Heres my idea:
Its set in the 1950s, its filmed in black and white and it basically looks really old, everythings slightly sped up as those old films are. You can hear audio.\

You see various people doing jobs; milking cows, hanging out clothes, raking gardens etc. and then this little kid (8 years?) starts running around to all these workers,
'Its on the telly!' he cries, 'Everyone, its on the telly'
Everyone drops what they're doing and runs after the kid, at an impressive pace, the kid slows down and you see a wall with a small tv on it.
Everyone watches in amazement, you see short snippets of sam and max, sbcg4ap, bone and wallace and gromit playing (also in black and white)

Then on the tiny tv comes up the Telltale Games Logo in colour,
And a voice says, "Telltale Games: Gather Round"
Oh and "Telltale Games: Gather Round" is written under the logo but not in colour.

Start posting!!!!
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  • It would have shots of every character from every game turning turning to look at the camera, and in the background an epic song would play, like Requim for a Dream.
  • natlinxz;122260 said:
    It would have shots of every character from every game turning turning to look at the camera, and in the background an epic song would play, like Requim for a Dream.
    I like it!
    Would that include bone and csi?
  • Marzipan: Okay, Life Blossoms! Today we have a guest speaker, and his name is not Lameface Mcdieinholefaceface. His name is Hugh Bliss!

    Hugh Bliss: Hey kids! What time is it?

    Homestar has his LURN shirt on.

    Homestar: How to stop pixilated dragons time?

    Hugh Bliss: *giggles* No, that's not it!

    Gromit has a LURN shirt on as well. He just makes handsigns.

    Hugh Bliss: I'm sorry, but I can't hear you!

    Sam, Max, the Bone cousins, and Strong Bad burst through the wall.

    Sam: How about "Five great episodic gaming series with great ratings from IGN and other popular game sites and if you order the whole season slash series you get a free DVD at the end of said season slash series" time?

    Hugh Bliss: Nope!

    Max: Ohoho, you just flunked...

    *a light blue screen is seen while grunts and crashes are heard*

    Someone: Since you probably didn't understand that, Telltale Games features some of the best point n' click games you could ever imagine. From the famous Strong Bad from, to the popular suspence show CSI, to Britsh claymation comedy show Wallace and Gromit. You must be dreaming? Nope, your imagining. Telltale Games: Games for your imagination.

    Sam: Five great series...

    Phoney Bone: Five great episodes...

    Marzipan: I dunno, it sounds dumb.

    Max: *pulls out his gun* Say it....

    Marzipan: *sigh* FINE. Four you.

    Strong Bad: *quick* We are not responsible for any acts of amazement, adiction, or sex appeal. Visit!

    Homestar: It's Dot Com!
  • Telltale. Apply directly to your computer.
    Telltale. Apply directly to your computer.
    Telltale. Apply directly to your computer.
    Telltale. Apply directly to your computer.
    Telltale. Apply directly to your computer.
    Telltale. Apply directly to your computer.
  • Ok, so it's this guy, sleeping at his laptop, drool spilling all over the keyboard.

    Are you bored with your current gaming experience, Jeff?

    Wh-wh-wha? Who said that?

    Jeff sees that his computer is talking to him!

    Are you bored with your current gaming experience?

    Uh...yeah, I guess...these games are all so long, boring, and unoriginal!

    How would you like a new, original, episodic, point-and-click-em-up adventure game delivered to me each month, starring popular franchises like CSI, Bone, Sam and Max, Homestar Runner, and Wallace and Gromit?

    That sounds awesome! But, sometimes I don't want to play at my offense...

    None taken, Jeff. But these games are also released to all your favorite consoles, such as the Nintendo Wii, and soon, the Xbox 360! much will this cost me?

    Less than $10 a game, and anywhere from $20-$30 for a series.

    But what if I bought one game, then want to upgrade to the full series?

    You get a reduced price. Sound good?

    It sounds great! But, where can I find all this?

    Go to, Jeff. You'll be playing in no time.

    Ok, let's go! Open up the internet!

    What am I, your slave?

  • It shows a black screen and you hear Sam saying:

    Sam: We are observing your earth.

    Max: Hey Sam, have you seen my gun?

    Sam: Max! you ruined the mood!

    Max: Sorry.

    Strong Bad: Hey guys.

    Sam: Strong Bad is trying to steal our gaming crown!

    Max: Found my gun!

    (Bullet shots are heard)

    Strong Bad: Uh, gotta go!

    Sam: Looks like we scared him off.

    Max: I'll just put this picture on the screen and we can go for some ribs.

    (Max's hand appears from the bottom of the screen. He puts a picture on that shows the telltale games logo with the url)
  • Ha! I'll do ya one better! I've gots two!

    It opens up at a blank chalkboard. Max walks in.

    Max: hello, class. I am (writes name on board) Prof. Max. Today, we will be learning about (writes following words on board) point-and-click adventures. Now, a point-and-click adventure is-

    {shows a fast montage of Sam&Max,

    Strong bad,

    Wallace and gromit,

    And bone.}




    {montage ends. Cuts to back of classroom, where Strong Bad, Sam, Wallace and gromit, and bone are in the front row. Other characters in other rows behind them.

    Strong Bad raises hand.}

    Strong bad: Um.... Could you repeat that, but a little slower?

    {cuts to board and max}

    Max: Hmm....very well. Simply put, a point-and-click adventure is {writes following words on board} telltalegames.

    {cuts to a chalk-written telltalegames logo on a blackboard}

    VoiceOver Max: The only place for point-and-click adventures!

    Whew! On to the 2nd!

    {at a prescool graduation. Zoomed in on a boy, and a hand with a microphone is near his head.}

    Teacher: what would you like to be, tommy?
    Tommy: I wanna be a Mexican wrestler!

    {cuts to SBCG4AP montage.}



    {cuts back to kids}
    Teacher: what do you want to be when you grow up, johny?
    Johny: I wanna be a detecive dog with a pysicotic rabbit for an assisstant!

    {cuts to sam&max montage}
    {back to kids}
    Teacher: what do you want to be when you grow up, Suzie?
    Suzie: I wanna be a middile-aged English inventor with a pet witty dog!

    {cuts to wallace&gromit montage.}
    {it does bone too, but this is freakin long, so I'll wrap it up}

    {back to kids}
    Teacher: that's excellent, class!
    {Cuts to show max is the teacher}
    Max:(crying) ""sniff, sniff"" I'm so proud of all of you!

    {shows logo}
    Max:telltalegames! Where dreams come true!

    There ya go. Who doesn't love montages?
  • (Strong Bad and a teenage boy enter a dark room and turn on the lights)
    (The rooms filled with aliens, blood, plumbers and weapons)
    Strong Bad:Wait, whats this!
    Guy:Its all the games on my hard drive...
    (pause to see sb watching all the destruction)
    Strong Bad:You need to clean up around here.I mean, you need some sbcg4ap...
    Cut to telltale logo
    StrongBad:go to for more info
  • *cut to a dark room with a guy playing a MMORPG*
    guy:"i only have 1 more XP points left until i get to *gasps* the fabled level 9001...MUST...KILL...LAST...GUUY!"
    *computer shuts off and a light comes on, reavealing strong bad and max*
    strong bad:" what the crap are you doing?"
    max:"or were doing..."*twirls a power cord as he says his line*
    guy:" i was trying to get from level 1 to 9001 without stopping!"
    strong bad:"so you wasted an entire week grinding, when you couldeve been doing something productive"
    max:"like reading, drawing,"
    strong bad:" or playing a telltale game!, you know, a game that makes you think"
    guy:" but MMORPG's make you think!"
    max:"yeah, about when to click sword on guy."
    *strong bad proccedes to feed the guys comp into max's mouth*
    strong bad:" think. at least now you dont have to pay that pesky monthly fee!"
    * a sighn comes down and covers the screen, it has the telltale logo and words under it saying "pay once, play forever".
    *then max comes back in front of the screen and says...*
    max:"and now, back to whatever you were watching before."
    so, how does you like?
  • lol, sounds good. Oh, If only I could animate.....
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