How would you show Lily's return?

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Okay. It goes without saying Kenny's comeback evoked a pretty impressive response from a lot of fans.

That being said, it's just as important to never repeat oneself. So, if you were in charge of restoring Lily to TWD in season 3, how would you do it without essentially recycling this scene?


  • We find her as a zombie and get to put a bullet in her brain.


    We find her alive and immediately get to put a bullet in her brain.

  • She walks into frame and immediately catches fire.

    Then explodes.

  • And from her ashes, Carley emerges like the phoenix.

  • I'm sorry I even asked.

  • I guess I'm the only Kenny fan that really liked Lilly....

  • I liked Lilly up until the point she shot Carley in the face. All my good feelings towards her were washed away in that instant.

  • So, avoiding the coincidental group meet-up? I suppose it could be a more subtle moment, where Clem sees her just trying to live her life in the middle of a settlement like Wellington, and awkwardly decides how or whether or not to acknowledge her.

    Bonus points if Christa's met up with her (considering that they wouldn't know each other by appearance), and Clem could have to decide if she should keep Lilly's past between them, reveal it to certain people, or convince her to talk about it in a way that was similar to how Carley convinced Lee to reveal his secret.

    Alternatively, she could always just jump the RV into a scene General Lee style.

  • My home girl Lilly would be introduced back into the scene as the leader of Wellington.

    get on her level, bitches

  • I could see her trusting no one, not even Clem.

  • Pretty casually. I hope they get the chance to portray her more neutrally and don't give in to the common fan perception of her as Evil Villain.

    If Season 3's protagonist is someone who never knew Lilly before (like Christa), it'd be interesting for her to be introduced as a competent yet kind survivor - only for her twisted past to gradually reveal itself over the course of the Season. Suppose that after she snapped and murdered a member of Lee's group, the time she spent alone in the wild made her grow more insane before she was able to find a new group and slowly rehabilitate herself.

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