PS3 Walking Dead Season 2 Stuck Save Screen & Black Screen

I've seen a lot of workarounds for the PC version of the Save Screen/Black Screen issue, but nothing for PS3.

I recently completed the Walking Dead Season 2 for PS3, and I wanted my friend to play the final episode and finish the game too, but when we tried going to the Save Screen to access her previous Save File, it would just open a blank screen (with the blank beige parchment/blue snowy rest stop background, but no Save Files/pics or text loaded) and hang there indefinitely.

Any attempt to rewind, or switch Save Files, or just Play would lead to having to go to the Save Screen and the same thing would happen. I tried restarting the PS3, re-instaling the episode, and nothing worked. I had 4 different Save Files after I completed the game, and now I can't access them because that screen just loads forever. I thought it was just slow loading, but we waited over 30 min and still nothing loaded.

Furthermore, I tried uninstalling and re-installing the entire game and every episode again in order TWICE, but now it just brings me to a black screen right away and freezes my entire PS3 to the point where I have to manually shut down my system.

Help please!

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    I apologize for the inconvenience. We have had a few reports from players experiencing this issue, and are currently looking further into the root cause of the issue. We hope to have a resolution in the near future. Unfortunately at this time, the only workaround is to upload your saves to the Playstation Online Storage and start a new game, or delete the Save Data Utility for the game from the Save Data Utility menu on your PS3's XMB, and start a new game in Season Two. Again, my apologies for any difficulties this may cause you, as we look further into the issue.

  • I am having this exact same issue. I just beat Season 5 using my 2nd play-through account. The last I recall, I am using all 4 save slots. I am having the exact same problem that GWizard is reporting with my PS3.

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    The same here!
    I only play after I delete my save by season 1 and start season 2 aleatory.
    This is the only way I can play the game today. :(

    Waiting for a correct patch.

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