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A Song Cartoon thingy about the Cheat!

posted by Guy in a Box on - last edited - Viewed by 422 users
Wow, this is the fourth H*R cartoon I've started a thread on. But anyways, here 'tis:

I can see the Chaps are coming back to speed since they're not working on the games nowadays. This short was very spot-on. But no download link :(
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  • Where'd those tomatoes and hot dogs come from at the end?
  • This is why I heart that Cheat, f'rrlz. Also, anyone notice a difference in S B/M's voice? I think it sounds a bit better. Man that Cheat has mad flyin' prowess!
  • Not quite as good as The Cheat Theme Song...

    ...but still good. I've been waiting (and hoping) for a new songtoon for a while now. As previously mentioned, I'm saddened by the lack of a download link, although they usually put songs like these on the Quote of the Week button eventually.
  • Yeah, songtoons are always pretty good for a laugh, and this one didn't disappoint.
  • ATM machine indeed is redundant.

    The sausages and tomato slices are from the tomatocycle discussed at the beginning.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Oh my goodness! A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is my favorite Peanuts holiday special.

    I watched it every Thanksgiving when I was a little girl. So, of course I loved this song. :)

    There have always been a lot of Peanuts references in Homestar Runner, but this one brought a smile to my face the most out of all of them. I love that they used some of the previous references here too (the brick wall and the steps of Homestar's house).

    The Cheat flying like Woodstock was great too. I loved the little smile on his face. :)

    This is probably one of my favorite HR toons ever. I already watched it 5 times. :D
  • i love this cartoon...the basketball part is a bit to long though. i totally need that song on my ipod..
  • I just noticed that this cartoon has better quality sound than the others. I also liked the Cheat's new walking animation. Let's hope they keep these :)
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