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Hi! I love what I've seen of Bone (can't quite get into the game proper, yet!) but I was hoping that a particular bug could be fixed?

It's mentioned in your FAQ already, but it's much worse on my machine: If I click anywhere near the top of the screen Bone is minimalized! It's not too bad during normal play (annoying) but it's damned impossible during the locust sub-game! :(

I wish you could rectify this!

Thanks a lot,
- Johnny Walker

PS - Perhaps other people could use this thread to list their other bugs. Thanks!
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    Any chance of getting this fixed? It makes the subgames REALLY unplayable and VERY frustrating on my system :( I love this game's atmosphere dearly, but there's nothing more frustrating than accidentally clicking on the top 1/8th of the screen and dying!

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about fixing this problem.. I'm really surprised I'm the only one who's had it as it affects me EVERY time I attempt to play Bone, even if I try my hardest to keep the mouse "low" on the screen.

    Thanks for your time!
    - Johnny
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