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I have logged two calls and as yet i have had no reply to get a manual code to unlock a game. I am increasingly annoyed that there is no flexibility to be able to move this game to different PC's without pestering the support desk to give me a cose key to unlock a game i have paid for. I do have issues with running the game due to the performance of my graphics card, hence i am changing the game to resolve the issues, hence logging calls to support desk. If as i suspect they are fed up with dealing with me, then why on earth don't you issue me with a CD of the game?
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  • Actually, we don't offer phone support of any kind. So I'm sorry if you didn't get the support you had hoped for, but it was likely some programmer taking time out of his lunch break to help you out. If you email [email][/email] with your serial number and your manual unlock request code, someone will email you back within 24 hours.
  • Sorry, I just saw this thread. Hopefully after receiving my email on Friday, you're all set?

    As Will mentioned we don't offer phone support. Sometimes calls do come in with support inquiries but we're really not set up to deal with them so they usually fall through the cracks.

    If you're still experiencing problems, please email me at my Yahoo address since our support emails appear not to be reaching you, or send me or Will a PM through the forum.
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