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Troubles with Sam&Max S1:Disc wont run

posted by olvikori on - last edited - Viewed by 208 users
So I ordered the gift-order-bundle right before christmas and just got off my ass to play it. Problem is, not only the disc wont autorun, it does not show up in my computer at all!( Comp refuses to acknowledge the disc in drive.) I did a quick skim on support forum and found some issues with securom on disc and conflicts with antivirus programs (I am running AVG, free edition).
Has anyone else ran into this problem and if so how´d you solve it? I gather I could just download the episodes from website but I´d rather not if theres a simpler solution.
At least the comic is funny and the shirt is a good fit.
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  • Does the video work if you put the disc in a DVD player?
  • I've had this too, with the CD-ROM (Adventure Company) version of S1.

    First time I went to install it, put the CD in the drive, but Windows (Vista) didn't think there was anything in the CD drive. Well, it knew *something* was in there, because it changed the icon in My Computer from the empty CD-ROM+drive to a generic CD-ROM icon (with the word CD-ROM in the icon). But double-clicking it would eject the disc and display the "Insert a disc" dialog.

    Thinking there was something wrong with the disc, I decided to try it on my laptop. Lo and behold, it had no problem reading the disc. So I copied the installer off of there and over the network to my main machine. Installs fine, but then I go to run it and it asks me to insert the disc ("No disc inserted") . So I insert it, but then tells me "Wrong disc inserted".

    The SecuROM site's describes how to prepare an "analysis file" via a "'Launch Analysis" context menu option, however there is no such thing, neither in the S&M shortcut on my desktop nor on the CD-ROM icon in My Computer.

    My next thought was that this was due to the fact that I'm running as a standard user on Vista (even though I was a standard user on my laptop as well). I tried a few things, like launching Notepad as administrator and navigating to My Computer in the file>open dialog box, and I believe that this (somehow, eventually) got the CD to finally be detected, and then things seemed to work. However I've recently rebooted and am now back where I started, and whatever voodoo happened to make it work last time isn't working now.

    This whole thing makes me believe that whatever SecuROM is doing, the disc itself is most likely NOT manufactured according to CD-ROM standards, and therefore should most likely NOT be allowed to carry the official "compact disc" logo on it.

    Very frustrating, especially for someone like me who is a software developer himself!
  • @pirschen43 The blank disc from The Adventure Company is a different problem caused on there end. You should be able to call them up and have them replace the disc for you.
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