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Previously accepted card not accepted?

posted by MikeyJC on - last edited - Viewed by 127 users
I'm attempting to order the Strong Bad DVD (for free, as I already bought the entire season), but it says that my card is not accepted. I have a Visa Electron, and it was the exact same card I used to buy SBCG4AP. Is this due to a change in your system, or because I'm ordering a physical item, not digital.


P.S. I live in Britain, if that affects anything.
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  • We've never accepted Visa Electron. I just checked your order history, and when you bought SBCG4AP you used PayPal. ;)
  • Great, I feel old now.

    I guess I used that card via PayPal... or something.

    I'll use PayPal then. :D


    "Insufficient Funds"


    Thanks for clearing that up anyway. ;D
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