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About the free shipping offer...

posted by Chaosprower on - last edited - Viewed by 176 users
Is the offer available to Spain?

It's just for Strong bad's cool game for attractive people DVD or for everything in the store? (including Wallace and Gromit?)

Is the price for Strong bad's cool game for attrative people complete season 34.95$ as claimed in the shop or 19.95$ as claimed in the forums?

Thank you.
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  • From what I've heard, the shipping is free internationally, but you might want a Telltale employee to confirm that for ya. ;)
  • It was for me, to Australia. I ordered physical goods (SBCG4AP DVD, T-shirt, figurines). I reckon that's awesome - most places wouldn't even attempt to do international free shipping when they do such an offer.
  • The free shipping method is the cheapest USPS method available, so as long as USPS shipping is available for your country (which it is for almost every country), then yes, free shipping applies to Spain.

    The $19.95 Strong Bad promotion mentioned in the forums was a limited-time thing only available through the Strong Bad demos, not through the store, so it was not included in the free shipping offer. Anything you can buy in our store - downloadable games as well as physical merchandise - counts toward the $25 free shipping threshold.

    Free shipping ends May 3, by the way...
  • Thanks for all your replies. I just ordered the Strong bad's cool game for attractive people DVD and the figurines series #1 with free shipping.
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