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I hate doing this but I can't find an existing topic about music videos...

So I made a video and uploaded it to YouTube. Check it out, leave a comment if you like, and I hope you enjoy!

If you would like to share any neat Sam and Max fan videos, please post. (I hope someone would make a good Sam and Max YTPMV, someday... It seems too difficult for me.)
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  • That was awesome! I loved it! I've actually wanted to make a Sam & Max music video myself for a while, but I'd never made a video before, and more importantly I couldn't find a good song. All the friendship songs I had were far too sentimental. The one you used was perfect.

    It's a weird coincidence that this topic is here today, because I made and uploaded a Sam & Max video video just last night. I made it to get familiar with Windows Movie Maker. I think it's a Youtube poop, but I'm not sure so I didn't designate it as one. I used the slowdown effect a lot, anyway. It's the part of the episode The Glazed McGuffin Affair where they discover that the Mcguffins have been pulled off the shelves, with some other stuff added in. Safe for work.
  • I guess I made this topic at the right time then! And I love 'safe for work' things (especially right now... :whistles: ). :comments on your video:

    I'm glad you liked mine. ^^
  • Wow, these are pretty awesome! I've longed for some decent fan videos about S&M in Youtube, now it finally has happened! :D Thank you.

    And Shwoo, that was hilarious! Definitely deserves the title as a Youtube Poop.

    I remember seeing two other videos too, if I'll find them again, I'll link them. :) They weren't as great though. :D
  • I made another video. It's similar to the first, but longer. And I ran out of lolrandom and had to think about what to put in. Hopefully someone will like it.
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