The ENORMOUS walking dead character popularity contest. NICK DOMINATED EVERYONE'S FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've created a large contest, with a genuine goddamned randomized bracket, and 32 contestants. So you comment the name of the character you like more, and the person with the most votes advances! This was made for fun, and I thought something like this could bring us together to have some real fun, discussing WHO IS THE MOST POPULAR?! Ok, so Lee and Clem are automatically not entered, as they're obvious winners instantly, so this is only secondary characters, and I love Clemmy as much as the next guy, I just think this gives others a fair chance. Also, for fun, I've decided to to a little epitaph for the losers, saying my personal thoughts on them. I hope you all have fun! The bracket:

It says "live", and it is kind of, but not really. Also, we're doing this 1 match at a time, with fairly short rounds. Round one, and I can't stop laughing at it, is KENNY VS AJ So vote for your preferred character :) GO! (I did not pick the rounds, they randomly made them for me, btw)



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