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Gave wrong postcode on shipping address

posted by stemot on - last edited - Viewed by 280 users
I have ordered the Strongbad DVD, but accidentally given the wrong postcode on the shipping address, is there anyway this can be changed for me? I tried e-mailing the support address but I never even received a conformation e-mail.

My E-mail address is [email][/email] if you need it, and my order number is Order #600017202031172.
I need the postal code changing to LA15 8DL.

Thanks :)
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  • Can't say for sure but it usually is not a problem. Depending on when you e-mailed the support e-mail addy you might have to give it a few days since the TT folks take a little rest on the weekends. Sometimes they pop in for a visit though. As far as the confirmation e-mail make sure you check your SPAM folder since that is where it might have ended up.
  • Nope, didn't land in my spam folder, but I recall last time I tried to get in touch with support, my mails were not getting through due to something at their end, which is what I think may have happened again.
  • Emily;124226 said:
    Thanks muchly! :D
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