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Are SBEmails Over?

posted by bob_newman on - last edited - Viewed by 919 users
Hey all,

Sorry if you've heard this question a million times now.

I've been visiting for over 6 years now, and in all that time, I've never seen such a wide gap between SBEmail episodes. There was that April Fools episode, talking about sbemailiarization, but it's not really a SBEmail.

I'm starting to wonder if maybe they're done. I mean, why else would they take this long? Was episode 200 really the end?

Please fill me in if you know what's going on here!

Thanks for reading!
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  • No one knows.
    Maybe their just building up tension among the fans. Maybe they are taking a break, who knows, honestly?

    Oh, almost forgot; Welcome to Telltale Games Forums, Bob!
  • i think that they are going to take a year off them but then i could be wrong and i donht care all there stuff is funny
  • They did mention sbemail400 in sbemail 200, so I don't know. I hope they revive it though
  • I think they're done with Sbemails, and the Sbemailiarization thing was TBC pointing out that they're really just regular cartoons with Strong Bad talking at a computer at the beginning and end of it. Which I think is really clever.

    I would like to see more Sbemails, but I'm intrigued with the new direction TBC are taking, as they've produced some great stuff since Sbemail 200 (aside from Donut Unto Others)
  • At the end of email thunder when it shows the names for all of the sbemails, there's a "...", after the last one, so I think there will be more.
  • there might be more. from how i see it, the chapmans left themselves an option to return to sbemails. it seems however, that they don't want to do any at the moment...
  • I think it's nice that they aren't doing them now. Maybe we'll get the itch later, but it's nice to see that their last few toons have ACTUALLY tried something new. Doing new jokes rather than recycling uber-fan material. Even Pistols for Pandas came off feeling "fresh" due to execution.

    I bet that, as creators, they're a bit burned out on Strong Bad after the game.
  • Man, how great would it be if they posted in this forum and told us?
  • A few weeks after sbemail 200, I was incredibly frightened at the lack of new sbemails. However, now that I've seen the great new stuff they've been pumping out week after week without the fan input needed for sbemails, I'm beginning to realize that I maybe wouldn't mind if they never returned.

    As for my opinion about if they will come back, I'm not quite sure. Recent evidence seems to point towards an end to sbemails, what with a parody of sbemails already on the site. However, there may come a time when their creativity runs nearly dry, and they might return fan input for new ideas. I honestly hope that day never comes.
  • Haven't you heard the review easter egg in sbemail200? Strong Sad said ''Is the rain of Hremails at hand?"' Ya strong bads gone. But you can see homestar awesome Hremails!
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