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Motive (with spoilers)

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I am having some trouble getting the motive of the crime. I have ascertained that Felicity's dogs thumped Mcbuiscuit on the noggin with the dinner dong hammer, while wearing the sailor hat, bandana and the spectacles currently in fashion. Now i'm pretty certain the motive they had was the fact that Mcbuiscuit took the chewie toy. Now the problem is getting it away from them again.... Every time Gromit enters the room while they are away, making Felicity call them gets them away, he looks at the sign showing how tall you have to be to ride the slide. Fixing the spring makes a new one pop up somewhere else, so I'm not sure if thats whats the answer or not. Anyone?:confused:
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  • First you need to get the dogs out of the room. To do this, get them called downstairs by getting them dressed up. Then quickly go upstairs. Once inside the bedroom, make sure that the popped up spring is the closest to the end of the bed (the reason explained later), then quickly click on the life-sized cutout of gromit just to the left of the bed, this will cause him to imitate the pose that the cutout is making (therefore disguising gromit), the dogs will then come back into the room and take position on the bed, then all you need to do is click the button to make the bed launch the dogs into the waterslide.

    Now this is where the popped up spring comes into play, if you have popped up the right spring, it will catch their chew toy and you can easily grab it.

  • THanks a bunch, the one thing I haden't tried, and i get it on the first try now :D
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    Thanks, I got stuck at the same bit. Too obscure?
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