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Examining error

posted by G1itch on - last edited - Viewed by 308 users
I've found that if I examine an object like the guest book or beach sketch; something that requires the full screen, I sometimes can't get out of it again.

This has happened twice now, usually if I push escape while it's zoomed in. The worse thing is that this is saved like that so I'm a bit stuck; my save game is stuck zoomed in with nothing there and I can't continue.

I know you should push Right click to escape it, but all this tends to do (after I've pushed escape) is remove the item, but leave the perpective.

Any information on how to escape this and continue my game would be appreciated
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  • Found another similar case:

    When Gromit looks at candyfloss machine while Paneer is eating candyflos, it just gets stuck for me with Mr. Paneer looking left and right and Gromit looking left and right at the same time. Hitting esc says: Tea Break! Menu unavailable.
  • Hey Glitch, can you click on anything? How about opening an item from your inventory, like the Ledger. Do either of those let you back out?

    Jalava, for that one you may just have to load a save. I'm not sure what's going on there, but we will look into it
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