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order error

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I've been receiving the same error message while I try to order the new Bone game for two days now. I get the same message for both pay options (CC & paypal).
Any suggestions?


We're Sorry.
Your order cannot be completed because either inaccurate or incomplete information was entered.

If you believe that we have mistakenly denied your order, please use your browser's "Back" button, re-enter your billing information, and try to submit your order again.

It is very important that the billing address you enter matches the billing address of your payment method. If you continue to have problems please wait 24 hours and try again.

Error Number: 30024002 - 0
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  • We got this error in the office while testing the purchase path before the game came out. It seemed like entering incorrect information more than once caused it to deny the credit card even when the info was correct (but I'm not sure about that). That might be why it says to wait 24 hours.

    This may be a dumb question, but are you sure the address you're typing in matches the credit card you're trying to use? If you haven't already, get out a bill for your credit card and make sure you're entering the address exactly as it appears on your bill.

    Anyway, please send an email to and customer service will look into this for you. There should be an order number on the shopping cart page, before you get that error -- include that in your email, along with your full name and the email address you're using.

    Thanks for being patient... we'll get this straightened out. :)
  • Hi Jaap,

    I just mentioned this issue to Terry, our customer service guru, and he mentioned that people in the UK have experienced problems when entering a phone number. What format are you using? It needs to match the format that your bank uses (assuming your bank has your phone number on record).

    Try entering the country code ONLY in the first box, and the rest of the number in the second box.
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    I also get this error when ordering, I got the same error when ordering Out From Boneville, and also when ordering another product from a different company through Digital River.

    They seem to have a real problem processing orders from people outside the USA. [-(
  • Hi Even_Steven,

    As I mentioned above, the problem is that Digital River's ordering system is extremely finicky about the format you enter matching the format on file with your bank / credit card company. I wish there was something we could do about it, but unfortunately this is entirely on DR's end and we can't change the interface. (And, of course, it IS done for your protection... ;))

    Anyone who is receiving this error should contact with a description of the problem, and Terry will help you get it sorted out. We don't want to prevent people from buying the game!
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    The trouble is, it's even finicky when you try and order with Paypal, and aren't even using a credit card.

    Personally I've had enough of them, I've had to redo my orders manually every time and I don't feel like I should have to, so unfortunately I won't be buying the new game.

    Hopefully at some point in the future Digital River will get their act together, or else it will be possible to pay some other way, and at that point I'd love to purchase the rest of the Bone series.
  • Sorry to hear you're having so much trouble. :( We're not happy to hear about problems with Digital River, especially when they cost us a customer.

    I've asked customer service to look into this for you. Hopefully we'll be able to help resolve the issue.
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    I was able to buy finally using paypal! Allthough it says you should use your paypal address as your contact address, I found out it doesn't matter.
    I don't have a clue though why it worked this time and not the previous times, but I don't care anymore. ;)

  • Glad to hear it, Jaap. Sorry it was so difficult but thanks for sticking with it! :(
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    I just tried again based on Jaap's success, but still no joy here. I'll keep checking the forum occasionally, so if you can help to get this fixed I would be very grateful.
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