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  • Well, her show was in the teens anyways... Now Boots is gonna be beating his chest and killing that mexican squirrel for meat.
    Yay, aging process. And what the pork is with "Tweenage"?! Is it professional to have a speech impediment nowadays?
  • someguyfromazoo is back!!! Amd this is simply idiotic.

    Viacom CEO: We're losing tweenage girl viewers to Disney! What do we do...?

    Lower Employee: How about we start a marketing campaign about how adults actually enjoy watching iCarly with their kids?

    CEO: That's stupid! We should take our preschooler liscence and make it tweeny! Quick! Before Sesame Street workshop makes a teenage gang version of Sesame Street!
  • I can already imagine her adventures: "Do you see the shoe store? ... Where?"

    And for the record, someguyfromazoo, I am from the south, soo...
  • .... No, come on! They can't let Dora die? Her head is the size of a watermelon! It's even bigger then Arnold's, but seriously.. I always imagined Dora as a Teen, but... This is like world ending, what's Boots gonna look like? A giant brown haired gorilla who Dora is getting feelings for? We need to save the children before it's to late!
  • The Pedos will have a field day with this....
  • Actually, it's going to be a doll series from Mattel, and according to the article, she will be working with four other girls (which you'll have to buy separately, no doubt) to solve mysteries about the environment, school, and wildlife. So basically, yes, Dora has to actually interact with other humans that she is not related to.
  • StinkomanFan;124917 said:
    The Pedos will have a field day with this....
    "She's too old! Make her young again!" :eek:
  • Oh meh gawd![slapshead]Doh![/slapshead]
    This is seriously messed up...i mean really...
  • I can't even imagine what they'll do to Swiper.
    "Swiper, no swiping!" "Gah, shut up, ya' crazy kids! Get offa mah lawn!"
  • What could Swiper possibly be swiping on his lawn...?!
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