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W&G Last Resort: Can't Escape Dog Costume Screen

posted by serfmonkey on - last edited - Viewed by 313 users
Hopefully there will be some way to escape this insidious problem besides replaying the entire episode. I exited the game while in "dog-costuming" mode (with the close-up of the dog costume trunk). Now when I load the game, I can neither right-click to escape, nor select costume pieces to continue with the game. Can't move forward; can't move back. And when I exit the game again, it helpfully saves again, exactly where I'm stuck at.

What gives?
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  • I know this does not help, but similar problems are also described here.
    Personally I had the opposite problem that I got out of a zoomed view somehow, but the notice to press the right mouse button to escape that view did not disappear. Later, I could not click on any object in the zoomed view any longer. This seems similar to a question in the "hints"-forum, where somebody cannot click anything in the zoomed news stand view. So it seems there is generally something buggy with switching back and forth between the standard and the zoomed views. :(
  • So if W&G doesn't allow you to save separate games ... and there are bugs within the game that will permanently stop you from proceding ... this means that if you exit in the wrong place, you will have to play the episode over from the beginning.


    I'm essentially a patient guy, but I'm playing with my five-year old, who was quite dismayed to find that we couldn't continue with our game yesterday.
  • serfmonkey;124905 said:
    So if W&G doesn't allow you to save separate games ...
    You can save up to 4 games manually: See 2nd and 3rd posting of this thread.
    (This should not be an excuse for Telltale to have a closer look at the general problem with the "zoomed views" though.)
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