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Sbemailiarized Entertainment!

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" has gone downhill ever since the mysterious disapperance of the Strong Bad Email Show. I knew I was THIS close to getting my email about boxing gloves answered! If only someone, somewhere, would be able to re-launch the mysterious Strong Bad Email Show in a mysterious way..."---StrongBadianFan42

Well, say, no more StrongBadianFan42! Because Sbemailiarized Entertainment! is here to help!

Sbemailiarized Entertainment! © ® LLC,,. Esq. is a multi-trademarked totally-for-profit organization, created to help provide Strong Bad Emails to all Strong Bad fans by engaging in enviromentally-friendly methods. We provide non-reruns, non-cop-outs, but instead use 100% recycled cartoons to provide you with the best Strong Bad Emails. Think of how many greenhouse gases we...rescued.

A note, you see that there is a watermark on these Strong Bad Emails. We apologize for this watermark. We are busy trying to decipher what this strange word "registered" mean. This will indeed dampen your viewing pleasure, but look at the bright side, we're helping the environment!

Email 1: Crazy Cartoon

Please reply with any comments, questions, concerns, suggestions, and lawsuits. We love lawsuits.

"Sbemailiarized Entertainment! Yeah, yeah, no, yeah!"
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  • ... Pokey. That is all I have to say.
  • I think there might be some confusion, but, erm, the first link, Crazy Cartoon, has the intro and outro of Crazy Cartoon, but an actual cartoon within in, "Sbemailiarized Entertainment!" The first post was a feeler, to see if the idea has any merit, so I could make further "Sbemailiarized Entertainment!" cartoons by splicing together Sbemails and regular Homestar Runenr cartoons. I'm pretty surprised I didn't receive much feedback. Meh.
  • Anyone besides me too confused right now?
  • To be honest, it seems like a pointless venture. It's different with what the Chaps did in that they actually did create new animation to make it work with the old (and given their track record, I'd say it was a one time deal joke, aka paysite for April Fools a few years ago). On the other hand you just threw together seemingly random bits hoping to have it work as a cartoon. It's not that I don't feel you have talent, but I do feel this isn't worth putting your effort into as all of us (if you're reading here) have probably already seen anything you'll attempt to splice together into something new. Again these are just my opinions, and my attempt to offer some constructive criticism.
  • Understood. At least I know how video editing works, so it's not a total wash. I'm not going to do Sbemailiarized Entertainment! again.
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