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Adventure Quest

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Adventure Quest is a play that's going to be running in the The Brick Theater in Brooklyn this summer. From their own site:

"The town of Perilton has been invaded by an evil wizard, and only our hero can save it! Cheer as he fights for the hand of the mayor's daughter! Gasp as he infiltrates the bloodthirsty Octopus Cult! Watch as he meticulously collects inventory items! Shift uncomfortably in your seat as the narrative gradually implodes! Glance around nervously as characters are brutally murdered for no particular reason! Despair as your faith in a meaningful, ordered universe is shaken! Evoking the Golden Age of home computer gaming, Adventure Quest is both a nostalgic treat and a glimpse into the yawning Void."

Kotaku has some extra details. Particularly of note are a couple quotes from people involved with the production:

"King's Quest is definitely the primary influence and like the Sierra games in general, like Space Quest and Quest for Glory – all the ones where you had a guy like walk around and you type some commands," co-producer Chris Chappell told us by phone today.

Like Homestar Runner's Peasant Quest spoof game, Adventure Quest uses common conventions and pitfalls from PC adventure gaming to move the plot forward. Chappell described a scene in which the Hero finds himself in a cemetery with no idea what to do. In desperation, he randomly starts combining things in his inventory and trying to give them to a man he meets. Finally, and for no apparent reason, the man accepts a tea set, makes Cemetary Tea and the hero is allowed to continue on.

The Kotaku article also says that everything from props to the music take on the atmosphere, with an EGA color pallete and 8-bit music.

...It's times like this I really wish I still lived in New York.
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