Clementine figurines announced at NYCC

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Exciting news announced just minutes ago at Telltale's The Walking Dead panel out at New York Comic-Con... a Clementine action figure developed by Skybound, Telltale Games, and McFarlane Toys will be coming soon!

Clementine is the heart and soul of two seasons of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series. At Telltale, we often have fans asking for The Walking Dead merch, and Skybound has said that Clem is probably the figure they most often get asked to make, so we're really thrilled to be able to partner up and do these Clementine figurines together!

We have some pics to show you of what's coming up. Here's the special Clementine figurine in "clean" and "bloody" versions (look at that detail!):

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Exclusively from Skybound, the Clem figure will be available in both Full Color and in Blood Splattered Color versions and comes with backpack, pistol, and hammer. Stay tuned for full release details!


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