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My fan art \o

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Hehe, I love drawing all kinds of fan art, and even Sam and Max haven't got away safely from my hobby. :D

I upload all my drawings on my DeviantArt account, but since there aren't many fans on DA, and I keep getting "cute bunny and a dog! you made the bunny look so evil with those teeth!"-comments.. ( Gah, these people don't know the greatest police couple of all time?! ) So.. yeah. I thought it would be appropriate to show off my artwork here in the forums, as well. :)

I love to draw Max for the most of the time, please excuse the lack of Sam drawings. That doesn't mean that I'd care him any less, though! :D

(larger: )
One of my first S&M drawings, made with colour pencils.
..again one of the early ones.

Now, a few Max pictures:

And, a Sam doodle. :)
..I still need to practice him more. D:

Hope you like them. :D and if any of you are actually members on DA, please, feel free to give some comments on my gallery! :)
( yes, my username is Tulidragon. )
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