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SBCG4AP and Parallels crashing

posted by twatson52 on - last edited - Viewed by 190 users
Not sure if you or Parallels are the right people to ask, so here goes:

I have been previously running SBCG4AP on Parallels on my MBP perfectly, however after upgrading to Leopard and upgrading Parallels, it now crashes Parallels when I start the game. After you click on the Launch Game button, and the game window appears and the Telltale intro plays, it crashes right as the 'Start the Game' screen appears. You hear the little bang sound effect, the game hangs, and then Parallels just starts acting like the VM has not been started. Windows nor Parallels provide any error messages. I'd be happy to provide any and all info needed to solve this problem.

Thanks so much!
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  • Unfortunately our resident Parallels expert is no longer resident. Since it isn't a platform that we actively support, you might want to try contacting the Parallels people. Or maybe some wise and experienced forumite here will know something about it, but I'm afraid it isn't something I know much about.
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