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Guybrush Shot First!

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...sorry, the words 'Lucas' and 'Special Edition' cause great concern when placed that close to each other in a sentence.

Beyond that - let me just say that this absolutely rocks, and my pre-order will be going in within the next few minutes.
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  • Don't worry, not only are they only apparently only adding "make-up" changes like voices but you'll be able to play the good old pixelated version as well. And it's not the same game than Telltale is doing :D
  • Have to say I'm not 100% sold on the new art style (it might grow on me though), but quite frankly Lucasarts could have just released a patch to add Dominic Armato's voice to the original DOS version and I'd willingly pay the price of a brand new game for it.

    Kinda feel bad for the people who have already been working on a speech patch for it though...
  • Yeah, if you look at the video on the web site they show you can press a button mid-game (even mid-line) to fade from the new look to the classic look, so everything that moves will have to be in the exact same spot as the original at all times, so there probably won't be any annoying changes. Also, looks like you can play with the original graphics but the new voices, which is nice.
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