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Q&A With the Team

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Welcome to the secret forum! As a thank you for pre-ordering, we've created this little backstage area where you can hang out with the development team, keep an eye on the development of Tales of Monkey Island, and hopefully get your hands on things before we go wide with them to the public.

First off, though, let's start a Q&A thread!

Any questions you've got for the development team, ask 'em here!
We'll try to dogpile this thread with high quality facts and higher quality lies conversation!
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  • I have one question in particular. Not to get ahead of myself... but does this new licensing partnership pave the way for (dare I say), the rebirth of the Full Throttle sequel?? I'm also thinking another Maniac Mansion sequel.

    Not that I'm at all unsatisfied with whatever god-like power has brought us a new Monkey Island game. It's easily my favorite LucasArts franchise and I can't think of any other developer I'd trust to make it.

    I don't even trust LucasArts to do it. So keep them at bay guys!
  • Questions...hmm...

    Really, all I have is, "How can I convince you to go for Grim Fandango: The Series?" which I realize has very little to do with MI. But I'm basically content the game's coming at all.

    So now, of course, I want you to make more! More licenses grabbed by TellTale, says I!

    ...And, for an actual on-topic question, I ask if Elaine's going to have an American or English accent in this game? (Oh, come on, it's got to be one of those details that just grates on SOMEONE else's nerves as well, right?)
  • First off, I love you all so much, in a totally platonic, respectful, not-a-stalker kind of way. Second of all, can I sign up for playtests, please? I'll bring hard tack, and I promise not to squeal. That much. And finally, Guybrush is starting to act more like Gally than Freddie. Threepwoods for ever!
  • I preordered this almost as soon as I opened the announcement email. Thankyou Lord Gods of Amazing Surprises.

    That being said, please don't pull a George Lucas on us with this stuff. This must be your best title to date. No pressure or anything!

    So can we expect to see all the old characters back?
  • It was like divine will guided my hand to my credit card when the announcement hit my inbox. Anyway, I'll join in on the chorus wondering whether the guy playing LeChuck will be back for the sequel and the remake.
  • Hi, guys!
    What about language support?
    I hope you will follow the same W&G route (german-spanish-french-italian subtitles available at launch). :o
  • Sorry if this has been asked already but I was wondering if you kind people could tell me if Tim Schafer has had any input in the new game?

    Thank you :)
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    HoboStew Telltale Staff
    Junaid wrote: »
    Cool, a private forum

    Well first of all, thank you, thank you, thank you, will you marry me? and thank you!
    You don't know HOW long I've been waiting for a stranger on the internet to ask. Of course I will!
  • I've had mixed feelings about the idea of a new Monkey Island game ever since I was severely disappointed by Escape from Monkey Island, but if anybody can do this right, I figure Telltale Games can.

    I don't know whether you can share this information, but if you can, how did Lucasarts decide to let you make a Monkey Island game? Did you begin talking to them about it, or did they contact you?
  • Yes, yes, yes.

    Mmm, to leave a question, is there any chance we may see Largo LaGrande? And the Men of Low Moral Fiber?
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