Ready, Aim, Fire! Interactive Story

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Yes, hello I bring you yet another story on these forums, and this will be the bestest ever. This will be about uh... Crime and stuff, honestly I don't really know, but it'll have to do with criminals and stuff... The story features four 'crews'... I'll probably hook you up with more information later.


Nickname (optional):




Crew (Gunslingers, Police Department, The Sevenths or Terminus):



Character List:

Submitted Characters:

Morgan Brown (Golden): Alive.

Tony Vendetta (The Boss): Alive.

Konni Marsh: Alive.

Merica (Fatboy): Alive.

Simon Elagamy (The Bird): Alive.

Ben Lufesu: Alive.

Michael Hampford (The Hump): Alive.

Ricky Feels (Redshirt Ricky): Alive.

Felix Davis (Q): Alive.

Rakeem Clemont: Alive.

Wilson Montgomery (Go): Alive.

Non-submitted Characters

Gareth Elagamy: Alive.

Roy Elagamy: Alive.

Luis Elagamy: Alive.

? (The Punny): Alive.

? (Las Vegas): Unknown.

Jake: Dead.



  • Name: Morgan Brown

    Nickname: Golden

    Age: 35

    Personality: A nice man with good morals however he has little remorse for criminals. He is willing to do anything for hostages, rather would be safe than sorry.

    Appearance: A semi-tall muscular man with brown hair and a "Gentleman" Mustache and green eyes. He usually wears suits.

    Crew: The Police

    Weapon: A Revolver and shotgun

    Backstory: His dad was murdered a young age and wanted to join the police. He had passed police school with passing colors and soon became the most famous and feared cop out there. He will find you and he will arrest you...Unless you fight back then you will either be crippled or dead.

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    Name: Tony Vendetta.

    Nickname: The boss


    Personality: Loves his family and will do anything to protect them, will go to extreme lengths to get his money. Friendly to the people he likes, but negotiating and manipulative to the ones he hates.

    Appearance: Slick back black hair, wears a suit with a fedora and usually always has a drink with him or Cuban cigar.

    Crew: The sevenths.

    Weapon: Tommy gun, Shotgun and Garrote wire.

    Backstory: His Dad was a famous mafia lord, his dad taught him everything he needed to know about the mafia family since he was 10. His father was murdered when he was 17. On his fathers will, he demanded that Tony became the new Mob boss. Now Tony is 65, he has passed down the role of Mafia head to his son when he was 60. But 5 years later he still keeps the connections to all the mob workers, his son, all the judges he bribed, and all the cops he bribed, as well as his enemies. He could no longer hide the fact that he still wants to be part of the business, but this time he wants to do it without being know as the head of the Mafia family, but this time he wants people to think he is retired when he in reality he is still the power hungry leader he was 30 years ago.

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    Name: Konni Marsh (so original)

    Nickname: Doesn 't have one, doesn 't need it. B^|

    Age: 19

    Personality: Fisty, always stands for her opinion, always makes jokes, puns, references (the usuall). Remains faithfull to her believes even though she might have been told otherwise. She is creative and thinks better in tight situations.

    Appearance: Small, with short blue hair, brown eyes, slim, pale.

    Crew: Gunslingers

    Weapon: She is skilled with both gunns and blades but her specialty is the bow.

    Backstory: Past is to be forgotten before it takes over.

  • So uh, a thing, I'll quickly write a prologue, to show which role the different crews have.

  • Name: Merica

    Nickname (optional): Fatboy

    Age: 30

    Personality: Selfish, angry, determined, fighter

    Appearance: Obese

    Crew No crew

    Weapon: Electric wheelchair machine gun shooter with many different weapons and components

    Backstory: To obese and out of shape to fight for freedum with the army failing the fitness test he was forced to live out his dreams at home creating machines and weapons to make him war ready to become the terminator a killing machine from an electric wheelchair :D

  • Name: Gustac- No lol i won't make a character sorry.

  • Name: Simon Elagamy

    Nickname: The bird

    Age: 24

    Personality: will do anything for the people he cares about, sometimes he's funny.

    Appearance: black hair, brown eyes, wears hoodies most of the time.

    Crew: no crew.

    Weapon: no weapon, fights with his hands.

    Backstory: doesn't remember a lot about his past because of a car accident. He only remembers that he has a cat called Carl and his name.

  • Name: Ben Lufesu

    Age : 17

    Personality: Useful, suicidal(but can't do it.) 90% of what he says is k/ok

    Appearance : Usually described as a majestic stallion

    Crew: The Sevenths (No idea what that is but sounds cool)

    Weapon: His majestic voice gets him out of situations, other then that he uses his fists, and maybe hit people with his laptop.

    Back story: His usefulness got him a good job. He tried to kill himself once but failed. He ended up in the hospital for a month because he fell down the stairs on his ass when he slipped. Everything changed when... (Insert story line here. And no not when the fire nation attacked.)

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    Ready, Aim, Fire!: Prologue: Down Under.

    Unnamed Police Member

    You looked down at the two corpses, both killed in a very sadistic way, their legs and arms were missing, the rest of the body had been left here, it was already very pale, it seemed like they had been left to bleed out.

    “Who the hell would do something like this?” You asked.

    “I don’t know.” Your friend answered.

    “This is fucked up, we have to find the legs and arms.” Your other friend said.

    It was just the three of you, out there to inspect this, you didn’t know why more people weren’t sent, but it was sure as fuck needed.

    You looked around, this alley, you had a feeling that this might actually end well, considering the arms and legs were most likely in a nearby dumpster or something.

    “Check the dumpsters.” You said.

    “Ugh… This’ll be gross.” Your friend said.

    Your friends walked over to the dumpsters, they started searching them for the arms and legs, suddenly you felt something to the back of your head.

    “Who’s there? You’re interfering with government business.” You asked.

    “I don’t care.” The deep voice answered.

    “Hm… And where are you supposed to be from?” You asked.

    “Gunslingers.” The deep voice answered.

    “Gunslingers? The fuck’s that?” You asked.

    “Your worst nightmare.” The deep voice grinned.

    Unnamed Police Member


    The gunshot was heard clearly, you turned towards the man with the revolver, he had a big smile on his face.

    You turned towards him, you quickly grabbed the shotgun from your back, “Who are you?!”

    “Heh, I’m the killer of your friend, that’s enough?” The deep voice grinned.

    “Look, who ever you are, you’re under arrest.” You said.

    “Is that so?” The deep voice grinned.

    “Yeah, it fucking is!” You shouted.

    “The come over here and take me.” The deep voice said.

    You walked towards the man, suddenly.


    You turned around and stared at your friend, steam was coming out of his shotgun.

    You heard a sound, it sounded like something hitting the ground, you looked down at the ground, it was a grenade.


    3 hours later

    You woke up in a basement of some sort, looked stared over to the bed next to you, your friend was there, he was still knocked out it seemed.

    Suddenly three people came down to you, they walked over to your friends bed, one of the people had a chainsaw.

    “What are… What are you doing?” You asked.

    One of them looked at you, “Look at yourself and you’ll see.”

    You looked at your body, you realized that your arm was missing, there was just a stump left.

    “What the fuck… What the fuck?!” You shouted.

    “Welcome to Terminus.” One of the people grinned.

    Unnamed The Sevenths Member

    “Hm.. A32, that’s the number.” He said.

    “How much am I getting again?” You asked.

    “$5000, how many times do I have to repeat?” He asked.

    “‘Til I realized this is just a scam.” You grinned.

    “Morwin’s Street A32, that’s where you have to go, get rid of the inhabitants.” He said.

    “Explain further please.” You said.

    “You see… One of them is a politician going for president, a bit of a patriot, which wouldn’t be good for any of our businesses.” He said.

    “Ah, I see.” You said, you turned around, walked out of the room and closed the door.

    “This fucker won’t see what’s coming.” You grinned while pulling the gun out of your pocket.

    You turned around and kicked down the door, entering the room again.

    He was staring out his window, you aimed at the back of his head.


    The shot was clean, it smashed the window, making him fall down onto the street.

    You looked at the letter, it was full of money, you grabbed it and walked away.

    NOTE: The option for "NO CREW" has been removed, anyone who may have picked "NO CREW" will have to pick a crew, or I will do it for them.

  • Name: Michael Hampford

    Nickname: The hump

    Age: 24

    Appearence: Blues eyes, brown hair, pale skin, uses glasses and has a scar in the leg.

    Personality, Nice, friendly, has a great sense of justice but is easily scared by situations.

    Weanpon(s): An Scar-H and an modified USP45 Tactical.

    Backstory: Do it yourself Gustav!

    Crew: Police Department.

  • Name: Ricky Feels

    Nickname: Redshirt Ricky

    Age: 18

    Personality: Somewhat cold, still kind.

    Appearance: Short blond hair, red t-shirt, skinny, 5'11".

    Crew: The Sevenths.

    Weapon: Pistol.

    Backstory: Likes to wear red t-shirts, people would make fun of his love for red t-shirts they would call Redshirt Ricky. In time his liked the name they gave him, and that's how he got the name Redshirt Ricky.

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    name Felix Davis

    nickname "Q"

    age 24

    personality dose not take shit from anyone, slightly cold hearted.

    appearance 5'8, brown hair green eyes.

    crew police department

    weapon smith and Wesson .45 nickel plated revolver and a Mossberg 715t

    back story Felix was the son of immigrants, he never really saw himself as part of his family and left at the first chance he got. His career as a police officer began after the disappearance of one of his closest friends. Felix's goal is to become county sheriff.

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    -Name: Rakeem Clemont

    -Nickname: N/A

    -Age: 31

    -Appearance: African American, average build, short hair and a stubbly beard.

    -Personality: Professional, amoral, remorseless, borderline sadistic.

    -Weapons: FN 5.7 Pistol (perfect for killing cops), and an Ice Pick.

    -Backstory: Rashad grew up around gangs. At age 18, he enlisted in the army and spent 3 years there. After being discharged, he brought his combat experience back to the hood and took up a life of crime, mostly pimping and robbing banks.

    -Crews: What the hell are these crews all about? I guess terminus...would a bank robber/gangbanger belong there?

  • Name: Wilson Montgomery

    Nickname (optional): Go

    Age: 21

    Personality: Depressive , Sucidal and Antisocial. Smart

    Appearance: black hair , brown eyes and caucasian. 5,6 feet tall

    Crew: Gunslingers

    Weapon: whatever he have at the moment

    Backstory: He is trapped in all this gang thing because of his dad who wanted him to the "boss". He saw all his freinds die beacuse of this shit , even his brother

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    would a bank robber/gangbanger belong there?

    That would be The Sevenths or Gunslingers.

    BigBlindMax posted: »

    -Name: Rakeem Clemont -Nickname: N/A -Age: 31 -Appearance: African American, average build, short hair and a stubbly bear

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    Ready, Aim, Fire!: Episode 1: One Step Forward: Chapter 1: Crash Landing

    Simon Elagamy

    You walked into the room where you kept the two cops, you had cut off both their arms by now.

    “Hey guys, having fun?” You grinned.

    “Fuck you, this isn’t going to end good for you!” One of them shouted.

    “We’re going to have to do what we do to your friend if you keep shouting like this.” You looked over at the other cop, his mouth was sewed together.

    “I’ll kill you! Even if I have no arms!” The cop shouted.

    “Shut your fucking mouth already, I’m just here to check on you.” You said.

    “Who are you even?! Why are we even here?!” The cop shouted.

    “Name’s Simon, this is my family I’ve got here, I do everything to protect my folks.” You answered.

    “Still doesn’t explain why we’re here!” The cop shouted.

    “Those two bodies you found, they were my folks, and I didn’t like that.” You said.

    “I don’t have anything to do with that.” The cop said.

    “Or do you?” You grinned.

    “You think I’m playing a game?” He asked.

    “We could play one.” You grinned.

    You walked over to his friend, put your thumbs in his eyes.

    “You’re sick!” He shouted.

    “I do what I have to do!” You shouted back.

    You started grinding in the cop’s eyes, he shaked uncontrollably while you did it.

    “OH MY GOD STOP!!!” He screamed.

    You looked over at him, “Why? It’s just a game.”

    “I’ll tell you what I know!” He shouted.

    “Good, just what I wanted.” You said with a smile.

    “I know that they’re dead.” He grinned while glaring at you.

    “Roy!” You shouted.

    Roy came into the room, he had a baseball bat in his hand.

    “You know what to do.” You said.

    Roy walked over to the cop, he raised the baseball bat, he smashed it down onto the cop’s dick, the cop screamed so hard that the sewing on his mouth broke and blood spewed out everywhere.

    The cop fainted immediately, looks like he couldn’t handle the pain.

    “Aw… What a poor game.” You said.

    The cop stared at you, “What the fuck?! You’re fucking sick I say! Sick in the head!”

    “Roy, get that guy fixed, and this time don’t sew his mouth.” You said.

    Roy took the stretch and drove him away.

    “I forgot to ask you, what’s your name?” You grinned.

    “It’s Jake, alright? Jake.” He answered.

    “What a cute name.” You grinned.

    You grabbed his stretch, you drove him so he was pointed directly towards the window.

    “You didn’t have anything to do with the murder of my family members, I see that now.” You said.

    “Oh, you finally used common sense?” He asked.

    “It was nice knowing you, Jake.” You grinned as you pushed the stretch.

    “Fly like a bird!” You shouted as Jake crashed through the window, you could hear all the bones in his body breaking as he crashed onto the ground.

    You walked over to the pieces of shattered glass, you stared down at the stretch, all the blood, all around it, so much, you smiled a little.

    Gareth and Luis came into the room.

    “We heard a noise.” Luis said.

    “It was nothing, just a game.” You said.

    Konni Marsh

    “Here we are, over the roof of a jewelry store.” Las Vegas said.

    “Yeah, and we’re going out with lots of money.” You grinned.

    “Can’t believe we're finally doing this.” Fatboy said.

    “I’ve been waiting for this.” Go said with a smile.

    “I’m climbing through the vents with Las Vegas.” You said.

    “Fatboy and I are jumping down through the skylight.” Go said.

    “Okay, we’re doing this, begin.” Las Vegas said.

    You jumped into the vent, Las Vegas came right after you.

    You could hear glass crumbling, Go and Fatboy.

    You had your bow ready, Las Vegas held his two desert eagles, you climbed to the end of the vent.

    “Can you hear the chaos yet?” Las Vegas asked.

    “No, I can’t.” You answered.

    You kicked the vent down, you jumped down, you shot a cop mid-air.

    They had surrounded Fatboy and Go, it was time to save them.

    You jumped down behind a behind a counter, Las Vegas jumped behind a plant.

    A few cops walked towards Las Vegas.

    Two threatened Fatboy and Go, “We’ll have to kill if you don’t throw your arms up!”

    “Fuck you!” Go shouted.

    You drew your bow.

    [Help Las Vegas]

    [Help Fatboy and Go]

  • [help Fatboy and Go]

    Ready, Aim, Fire!: Episode 1: One Step Forward: Chapter 1: Crash Landing Simon Elagamy

  • [Help Fatboy and Go]

    Ready, Aim, Fire!: Episode 1: One Step Forward: Chapter 1: Crash Landing Simon Elagamy

  • [Help Las Vegas]

    Ready, Aim, Fire!: Episode 1: One Step Forward: Chapter 1: Crash Landing Simon Elagamy


    Konni will help Fatbot and Go

    Ready, Aim, Fire!: Episode 1: One Step Forward: Chapter 1: Crash Landing Simon Elagamy

  • Hm... Announcing names for the episodes and stuffs yeh.

    Episode 1: One step forward

    Episode 2: Two steps backwards

    Episode 3: Scream and Shout

    Episode 4: A Dark Light

    Episode 5: Another Step Taken

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    Did you ever finish your other stories? xD

  • Nope, he never did lol ʘ‿ʘ

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    Did you ever finish your other stories? xD

  • Check out my TWD story!

  • Konni Marsh

    ! (You chose to help Fatboy and Go)

    You quickly shot the cop threatening Fatboy and Go, quickly drawing another arrow and shoot the other cop, Go turned around and ran for some of the jewelry. Fatboy went outside, trying to keep the cops from coming.

    Las Vegas was drinking a cup of milk in front of some cops.

    Las Vegas finished the milk, then looked at the cops.

    “I came here to drink milk, and kick arse, and I’ve just finished my milk.” Las Vegas said shaking his glass a little before drawing his guns and shooting four cops.

    Las Vegas turned towards a door that said “Boss’ Office”, he kicked it open, he walking inside it.

    Las Vegas

    You looked around the office, then you saw the big metal safe, you quickly grabbed the explosives from your pocket.

    You strapped the explosives onto the door of the safe, then you walked behind a counter, you grabbed the detonator from your other pocket.

    Konni Marsh


    A loud bang from the Boss’ Office, what the fuck was Las Vegas doing?

    You could then hear him shout, “Viva Las Vegas!”

    Go and Fatboy were doing snatching Jewelry, you just had to wait for Las Vegas now.

    You walked into the Boss’ Office, there was no one there, but a window was opened, had Las Vegas abandoned you?

    You could hear Fatboy and Go shouting as they escaped out through the roof, you quickly jumped out of the window, grabbing the side of the building, then swinging yourself up onto the roof.

    “Where the fuck is Las Vegas?” Go asked.

    “I don’t know.” You said.

    “We just have to get away, that’s what matters.” Fatboy said as he drove into the helicopter.

    Morgan Brown

    You kicked open the door to the apartment that the body supposedly came from, you walked around, it was you and Ricky.

    There wasn’t much in this apartment, a kitchen with a few couches, they had been used recently, then a door into a bedroom, you walked into the bedroom, there was a stretch and a lot of blood.

    “What the fuck?” You asked.

    “There’s two cops missing, right?” Ricky asked.

    “Yeah, two cops missing, only one of them is dead, it seems.” You answered.

    Ricky walked into the kitchen again, there was a picture of six people.

    Simon Elagamy, Roy Elagamy, Gareth Elagamy, Luis Elagamy, Alice Elagamy and Niall Elagamy.

    “Alice and Niall Elagamy? Weren’t they murdered?” Ricky asked.

    “Yeah, they were, Jake, Ethan and Noah were investigating their corpses.” You answered.

    “We can hope that Ethan is still alive.” Ricky said.

    Michael Hampford

    You and Felix stood face to face with the boss of The Sevenths.

    “We want you to capture one of the Elagamy family members.” You said.

    “Elagamy family? Hm… Who?” He asked.

    “Luis Elagamy, he must be captured.” You answered.

    “For what reason are we capturing him?” He asked.

    “Interrogation, you can tell us about the interrogation afterwards, we’ll leave it up to you.” You answered.

    “Hm… I’ll think about.” He said, “Now please, proceed to leave.”

    Tony Vendetta

    You walked over to The Punny, you had a big smile.

    “Punny, I have a deal, it was proposed by the police, we capture and interrogate Luis Elagamy, for a very big sum.” You said.

    “What if I kill him?” He asked.

    “They won’t get to know.” You answered.

    “Sounds good.” He grinned.

    Four Days Later

    The Punny

    You looked down at Luis, he was tied to a chair.

    “Hey Luis, how are you?” You asked.

    “Fuck off! You’re a traitor! Traitor to us! Your family!” Luis shouted.

    “Shut your fucking mouth.” You said.

    “Jason Elagamy… You’re a fucking traitor!” He shouted.

    “Fuck you Luis, you were never my family!” You shouted.

    “I might not’ve been, but what about Lisa and Niall? They were our parents!” Luis shouted.

    “Luis, I’m going to ask you once, tell me where the last cop is! Tell me where Ethan is.” You said.

    “Go fuck yourself.” Luis said.

    You kicked Luis in the face once.

    “Heh, you think I’m that weak?” Luis asked.

    “Cooperate you fucktard.” You said.

    Luis Elagamy

    “You think I’m going to cooperate?” You grinned.

    Jason kicked you again, “I would suggest you do.”

    “You can’t tell me what to do! I will die with what I know!” You shouted.

    “I guess Simon and the rest won’t mind if you die.” Jason said.

    Jason grabbed you and stared into your eyes.

    “You don’t have to tell me, but it’d be helpful if you did.”


    [Don’t cooperate]

  • [Don’t cooperate]

    Konni Marsh ! (You chose to help Fatboy and Go) You quickly shot the cop threatening Fatboy and Go, quickly drawing another

  • Don 't cooperate.


    Konni Marsh ! (You chose to help Fatboy and Go) You quickly shot the cop threatening Fatboy and Go, quickly drawing another

  • [Don’t cooperate]

    Konni Marsh ! (You chose to help Fatboy and Go) You quickly shot the cop threatening Fatboy and Go, quickly drawing another



    Konni Marsh ! (You chose to help Fatboy and Go) You quickly shot the cop threatening Fatboy and Go, quickly drawing another

  • Luis Elagamy

    (!) You chose to not cooperate

    “You think I’m going to work with a traitor like you?” You asked.

    “Well, that was what I was hoping, but I guess we have to do this differently.” Jason grinned.

    Jason “The Punny” Elagamy

    You grabbed the knife from your table, you looked at Luis.

    “So Luis… You don’t mind losing a limb or two, do ya?” You grinned.

    You held Luis’ head, you put knife close to his eye.

    “Please don’t squirm.” You said.

    You forced the knife in next to Luis’ eye, you then started slowly carving around the eye, Luis was screaming in pain.

    “I told you not to squirm.” You said.

    After you had carved around once, you stared at his eye, it wasn’t completely off, but it was popping out.

    You slowly carved another time, this time the eye popped out of his forehead, it was just dangling there, still connected to the brain. Luis had seemingly passed out and blood was spewing everywhere.

    You grabbed the optic nerve and slash it over, the eye fell onto the ground, it was just there, rolling around.

    You walked over to your table again, you grabbed a bandage, a piece of cloth and a bottle of peroxide, you took the piece of cloth and slowly cleaned where the eye once was, you then poured peroxide into it, you could hear a little scream, after that you started bandaging him.

    “You still squirmed, and I don’t appreciate that.” You grinned while looking at his unconscious body.

    You looked down on the eye that was still rolling around, you picked it up and threw it into your mouth, munching on it a little before eating it.

    Simon “The Bird” Elagamy

    “I know the death of those were caused by some of the police members, I goddamn know it!” You shouted at Ethan.

    “Dude, I swear, we didn’t have anything to do with it!” Ethan shouted.

    “Shut your mouth, I know it!” You shouted.

    “What you did to Jake… It was horrible!” Ethan shouted.

    “I DID WHAT I HAD TO!!!” You shouted at the top of your lungs.

    Ethan stood out of his bed, he still didn’t have any arms, and his balls were crushed after Roy beat him.

    “Don’t make me do the same to you.” You said.

    “Dude, you’re fucking crazy, why do you believe we have somethin’ to do with the murders?” He asked.

    “If you don’t, then… Help me find out who did it.” You answered.

    “That ain’t going to happen.” He said.

    You charged at Ethan, tackling him into the wall, you squeezed around his neck.

    “Sometimes, you don’t have a choice, this world is cruel like that.” You said.

    “Fine! Fine! I’ll help!” Ethan shouted, you let your grip slip and he gasped for air.

    Jason “The Punny” Elagamy

    You looked at Luis opened his one eye, “Oh goodie! You’re awake, I’ve been waiting.”

    “He looked at the blood on the floor, my… my… my eye?” He asked.

    “Yeah, sorry about that, but eh, I thought it’d help.” You answered.

    “Man… First you betray me… Then you try to kill me?” He asked.

    “I’d never kill you, you’re my family even if we’re against each other.” You answered.

    Luis sighed.

    “So, going to ask you again, wanna cooperate or nah?” You asked.

    Luis Elagamy


    [Don’t cooperate]

  • Don 't cooperate.

    I, for some reason, want to throw up.

    Luis Elagamy (!) You chose to not cooperate “You think I’m going to work with a traitor like you?” You asked. “Well, that

  • [Don’t cooperate]

    Luis Elagamy (!) You chose to not cooperate “You think I’m going to work with a traitor like you?” You asked. “Well, that

  • What kind of group is terminus?

    would a bank robber/gangbanger belong there? That would be The Sevenths or Gunslingers.

  • Don't cooperate

    Luis Elagamy (!) You chose to not cooperate “You think I’m going to work with a traitor like you?” You asked. “Well, that

  • I knew I was missing something! XD

  • Lol rip this shit.

    I knew I was missing something! XD

  • Guess I can watch porn instead of writing.

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    Lol rip this shit.

  • I guess you can.

    Guess I can watch porn instead of writing.

  • Luis Elagamy

    (!) Don’t cooperate, again.

    “I may become blind, but what difference would that make?” You asked.

    “Not a lot.” Jason answered.

    He grabbed a gun from a table.

    “So, I guess we’ll meet each other in hell.” He grinned.

    “You’re just going to…?” You asked.

    “Of course not, family is family no matter what.” He answered.

    You smiled, “Family is family no matter what.”

    “But I won’t go with you.” He said.

    “I know, we have to go underground.” You said.

    He removed the ties from you and handed you the gun, “Now go.”

    Jason “the Punny” Elagamy

    You grabbed a few grenades from your table and followed Luis to the door.

    You threw the grenades in the room after you had left, “Hurry!”

    You and Luis ran out of the building.

    The room exploded, making the whole building crumble.

    “Excellent.” You grinned as you moved a manhole and climbed down.

    Konni Marsh

    You sat with Fatboy and Go in a kinda crappy apartment, nobody was talking, the only thing that made noise was the radio.

    Las Vegas

    You rushed through the sewers, you had a lot of money with you, more than Konni and the rest had gotten, haha!

    “Busy earnin’! Can’t get enough!” You sang while running, suddenly you hit into two people.

    “Who the fuck are you?!” One of them shouted.

    “How does that fucking matter?” You asked.

    “Might as well kill you then.” The other one said.

    You pulled out your deagle, “Won’t get the chance.”

    [Let them go]

    [Keep talking]

    [Shoot them]

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