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Please increase the sound quality for voices

posted by neilka on - last edited - Viewed by 5K users
As has been noted in several threads of yore, the sound quality used for voices in past Telltale releases has been lower than some people would like. The voices sound overcompressed and clipped, which is especially evident when a character says the letter "s".

(To head this off at the pass - I realise that some people either don't notice or don't care about this problem, in which case forget you ever read this thread and don't try listening for it!)

With Dominic Armato back on board, it'd be an extraordinary shame for the voices to fall victim to the same problem again. So I beseech you Telltale, please increase the amount of data allocated to voices this time around so that Guybrush's esses (and other letters) can ring out across the Caribbean with the clarity they deserve.

Thank you!
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  • salmonmax wrote: »
    It's so weird how some people notice it and others don't.
    It might not be that noticeable on the cheap speakers usually built into monitors or the sub-10 EUR clunkers you get with a store-bought PC, but with decent speakers it's more than noticeable, never mind with headphones, of course...
  • I have to say I barely noticed any aliasing in the Strongbad games, really good clean vocals almost all the way, W&G on the other hand takes a good step back in audio quality, possibly even worse than Sam and Max :(
  • oh, I took the test, I top out at 20k, not bad for 20 straight years of heavy musical abuse.
  • I can't say I've noticed any drop in sound quality and I use a headset all the time for playing games. Though it must also be said that my hearing is not the best - in fact I've had to have numerous operations on my ears, wore a hearing aid for a brief period and I used to have grommets in both of my ears though I think I just have one left now (I know it may seem weird that I'm not certain but there you go).
  • I think that could be our solution, I'll try pouring boiling hot wax into my ears and get back with the results, also my tests in temporary vasaline blindness are doing wonders to spruce up the graphics :p
  • Yohmi wrote: »
    I won't complain, and I'm sure no one would, if you just let download a "deluxe" patch for those who care about sound
    A good idea. I would like to download high quality audio patches for Sam & Max episodes. A peek at those files revealed the soundtrack is stored in Ogg Vorbis format at 64 kbps. Eventhough, it performs amazingly good compared to MP3 at the same bitrate, a version with quality 4 or so is very appreciated.
    I don't have the codec for the speech files, but I suspect the situation is similar for them.
    backslash wrote: »
    Also agree with increasing the sound quality, an extra 50mb or so per episode isn't going to hurt anyone.
    Interestingly enough, the German dubbed version is roughly about that much bigger.
  • Are the German voices higher quality?
  • Come on Telltale! I'm supposed to love you, i know it, but this is really getting laughable (in a sad way)!

    I've played through every single Episode of Sam&Max and Wallace&Gromit with my really mid- to low-range Logitech Speakers ("Logitech Z3" Speakers if anyones interested) and noticed the really low Quality of the Voices from Day 1 (equals "Sample 1" if you put it that way :) ). I am by far not the only one who was annoyed by this since November 2006 (!).

    This always REALLY bugged me with Telltale-Games - I mean: Just play a little through Curse of Monkey Island (that game is 12 years old!) and you'll notice the Quality of the Voicerecordings feels 5 times higher, that's just an annoying fact that stays on forever so it seems ... :mad:

    You fixed the Issues with Widescreen-Support now since Sam&Max Season 2, so i think it's finally time for an Overhaul in your Recording Department.

    Keep it up!
    Just my 2 cents...
  • How about distributing a high-quality speech pack on bittorrent? Seems that would please everyone.

    The fact that no one from Telltale has weighed in on this thread does concern me a bit. I'm looking forward to firing this game up on my widescreen TV connected to my home theater PC, and it will be very disappointing when Guybrush first opens his mouth and it sounds lousy.
  • What do German players think of Jurgen in Sam & Max?
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