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International shipping question

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I'm a massive fan of Telltale Games, specifically, Sam & Max, who happens to live in Australia, which I would think should not really be an influencing factor in how much I enjoy these games. But I still don't have the "free" Season 2 disc I could have ordered, since I bought season 2 in full when that was released, because the shipping here is so expensive. The problem seems to be that there's no cheaper shipping option, only "first class mail".

I kind of just ignored this problem for a while... However, with the announcement of Monkey Island (THANK YOU, I've been waiting a couple of years for you to get that exact game over anything else), this situation has just become too desperate. Is there any way to arrange a cheaper shipping option? Otherwise, will the same "collector's" DVD still be available when Monkey Island comes out, so I can get the two together and save a bit? (Hopefully the shipping won't cost twice as much for that.) I'm not entirely clear on that, because the Season 1 disc doesn't seem to be a "collector's" disc and I was wondering if it had changed since that was originally released. So I don't want to wait too long and miss something...
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  • Shipping is only US$10 to Australia (or it has been for the previous DVDs I've had delivered). It's not as excessive as some books/t-shirts I've attempted to order online where the item was about $10 and the shipping was $15 or more...

    Getting more items in the one shipment is definitely cheaper. My problem is buying all this cool stuff from Telltale and then they come out with even MORE cool stuff for me to spend money on...
  • Right, so will it be possible to get the S&M S2 collector's disc in the same shipment as the Monkey Island one in two months, or will the "collector's" one no longer be available? I'm pondering maybe just getting the disc and Surfin' the Highway now... That adds up to US$16, which does feel like a bit to pay for shipping. Although it's better than US$10 for a "free" disc. Which I have to do again in a few months, potentially...
  • Has Tell Tale thought of setting up a European shipping house of sorts? I know many people who enjoy Tell Tale's titles and merchandise, yet have never opted for anything other than Digital Retail precisely because of the rather exorbitant shipping fees. You may also be forced to pay customs £15-20 on top of that, should the package be flagged.
  • It's a great idea, and we do a lot of European business, but not enough to justify setting up a second warehouse in Europe. Maybe someday. :)
  • Hey I was just about to pre-order the Tales of Monkey Island, but unfortunately had to cancel it. I was in the last step where you enter your credit card numbers and push the "Submit Order" -button when I realized there's nowhere a mention of the shipping costs. It only gives the 34.95 $ as total.

    I live in Finland and I have no clue how much will it cost to order it from USA. Would anyone like to help out a fellow swashbuckler and tell how much approximately the shipping costs would be? Thanks a bunch!
  • If anyone wants to test the shipping, put a DVD in your cart and go through the checkout until it tells you shipping costs. It'll tell you this before you place the order, so you can just cancel once you find out shipping.

    Remember, you only have to pay shipping when the DVD comes out, and that'll be part of a separate order which you have to manually place. You don't pay shipping on the episodic downloads.
  • Much appreciated the quick answer! Didn't thought about it that way. Definitely will order it now! :)
  • Thanks Guybrush. :)
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