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Guybrush looks great

posted by Guybrush_Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 574 users
Since I suppose the other thread ("Guybrush looks different") is gonna have hundreds of answers (one of them is mine) I thought I wanted my idea to have its own visibility starting a new thread of mine.
Basically, as I've wrote in the other thread, I'm really happy for how you made Guybrush look like. I'm happy 'cause he looks like a man and not a cartoon. I'm happy 'cause I think he looked "different" in CMI and EMI, and not viceversa.
I understand perfectly the players who have started with CMI, but it looks like TMI is inspired by the first two games.
Go on this way, and thank you so much.
Really, thanks for everything.
Love you guys!
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