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Petition to the Telltale programmers

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Dear Telltale programmers,

with all the excitement about the new Monkey Island game you have just announced, I can imagine that you need to focus on this new development to meet the tight schedule. - But please do not forget about all the bugs and problems reported with the "Wallace & Grommit" games which still need to be fixed.

I am not talking about the game not working properly with certain hardware configurations, but about confirmed issues like the "too much cheese" bug, the resolution settings for the first episode, the "can't escape zoom view" problem (also reported for the XBLA version, so you cannot blame some strange hardware configuration) or the "map bug" that has been observed in both episodes published so far.

I have not seen so many issues with another Telltale game before, so I am really worried that the quality of your work suffers from your ambitious plan to release more games in shorter intervals.

Thank you for your attention!
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  • Most if not all of the W&G bugs you mentioned have been fixed. You'll see the differences in later episodes, but deciding if a fix for earlier episodes will get released is not handled by engineering.

    We also have different engineers working on different products. MI in no way took engineering time from WG.
  • What about the people with Xbox's, who cant manually fix the bugs?
  • [TTG said:
    Yare;127911']deciding if a fix for earlier episodes will get released is not handled by engineering.
    But this is exactly what I mean. - So who makes that decision then?
  • Nightsurfer;127966 said:
    But this is exactly what I mean. - So who makes that decision then?
    Production/finance/management, I'd guess. That stuff is pretty far out of my scope.
  • Ok, in this case the title of this thread should be "Petition to the Telltale production / finance / management" then (but it seems I cannot change that.) - I just hope that the folks in production / finance / management also browse through the forum once in a while and notice that there are a couple of items their customers request to get fixed...
  • I quite agree with Nightsurfer: Fright of the Bumblebees was buggy, perhaps the buggiest game in the history of Telltale. It certainly deserves more, so I really was hoping for a new version to keep it consistent with the high quality of the whole series (well, as far as I know: I've only played The Last Resort, but it was perfect).
  • It's not just Wallace & Grommit.

    On the Wii, three out of the five episodes of SBCG4AP have crashing bugs.

    In episode 1, there was a random but rare crash that probably wouldn't happen again if you reloaded your file and continued, and one reliable crash that only happened on one particular scene in widescreen mode in extended play.

    Episode 2 had a problem where it would crash every time you saved the file yourself or the game autosaved. It seems to be triggered by some unknown variable that's saved in your save file, so once it happens, you're stuck. Your only options are to load an earlier file that hasn't developed the problem or start over completely.

    After these problems, I began checking the forum for issues before getting each game... And apparently, episode 5 has the same problem as episode 2. So I stopped at four episodes.

    Telltale now has had 10 months since the first episode and 6 months since the last one to release fixes for these games. And... nothing.

    Telltale, you produce a niche genre of games, so you're particularly dependent on the goodwill of your customers. And you're killing that goodwill. Your policy of not fixing bugs is suicidal. I certainly won't buy any more games from Telltale as long as serious game-ending bugs aren't being fixed.

    And I'm sure I'm not the only person that feels that way.
  • @ Will:

    Thanks a lot for undeleting this thread!
    I have carefully read every single post once again, but could not find anything "belligerent" at all!? - Maybe there are one or two statements by "RumbleRed" in the previous posting that you might call a bit harsh, but in my initial posting I even tried to be as polite as possible, so I do not see any reason for getting the whole thread removed from the system completely; unless the intention was to prevent others from getting aware of some confirmed facts. :confused:
  • Shouldn't this thread be renamed "Petition to TellTale: release fixes/patches for W&G episodes" ?

    I'm not sure TT do real patches, I seem to remember a bugfix in S&M Season1 ep. We just had to download the episode exe again, easy enough :)

    I *do* how stuff like this is handled on XBLA, purely from a techy point of view.. don't own an XBox myself.
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