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What's with all the complaining?

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I'm not sure anyone agrees with me on this. I've spent the last 24 hours reading these forums because I'm so excited telltales making a new monkey island series and I'm shocked at the level of can't even enjoy the moment and this great news. Telltale secured the rights to monkey island. This is from a company that cancelled freelance police cancelled full throttle 2, has not released any of it's classic adventures on the ds or re-released them in America and showed no signs of having any interest in it's adventure game classics.
I'm sure that's quite a feat Telltale have pulled off and I'm sure they have been working on it for quite some time.
Yet in 24 hours people have complained about the control scheme, said the graphics and art style sucked, said it shouldn't be episodes, complained about the sound quality, about some of the voice actors, already are asking for dott/grim/ft sequels etc etc this is for a game that no one has even played yet and those that have had a first look say it's fantastic .. The puzzles will be trickier, you can combine inventory items, we get the original guybrush voice actor and original music composer. Yet all this criticism? That's the Internet for you I guess. We also need to remember Telltale is a small game studio with small teams who work very hard they just can't funnel millions of dollars and years of development time to do everything you want

There's a lot to be happy about:
- Telltale is making a new monkey island series!
- The writers working on it have been involved in the past games are ex Lucas arts in the golden era and are immensely talented
- Ron Gilbert has sat in on meetings had input on the game
- The first episode is being released in less than 40 days!

I find most people get riled up and will complain on the Internet while those that are happy won't even bother. So those that are just enjoying the fact that monkey island is back please reply so I can confirm I'm not going insane and we can enjoy this moment without criticizing every aspect of a game we haven't even played yet...
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  • People being crazy? people not believing? people not liking a good thing when it comes?
  • Guess they just want their favorite game series to be the best it can be.
    First the excitement, then the doubts. Think it's normal. Sure thing this is a great day and not a complaining one.
  • Adventure gamers being a lot dumber than generally accounted for.
  • I guess like everyone else, they want these game episodes to be perfect or at least help Telltale push them into the right direction - even if it does mean some users being angry mongrels in denial :p
  • Complaints are one thing, but it's the unpleasant, aggressive, spiteful tone of some of the posts that's annoyed me.

    Not everyone of course, but enough to leave a bad taste.
  • I have no problem with constructive comments and trying to ensure the game is as good as it can be but some of the posts and the way they've been delivered has been outlandish..
  • Heh, Monkey Island fans are bound to be a cynical bunch. We have to be when the series is as iconic to many of us as it is, and what came out of its first transition into 3D(generally, not many liked Escape from Monkey Island.) Monkey Island has always been an all encompassing world that created its own mythos in gaming as a culture in itself. From the clever jokes to the utterly bemusing items(Skeleton Arm, anyone?) and meme's created by its fans: it is a series that many are extraordinarily passionate about.

    While all of us are extremely excited by its return after 10-12 years of weeping, pining and hoping for another game, we are also extremely apprehensive; TellTale shall have a hard time convincing us this early on. Though the Sam and Max episodes were thoroughly enjoyable - they also lacked depth and the ability to get lost and truly puzzled. Which is what is concerning me slightly.

    All we have to go on thus far is previous Tell Tale releases and the look of the game: so it is understandable that some are curious as to what Tell Tale can do with the series.
  • Telltale also have to contend with the fact that some people literally don't want to like new MI. If it's not Secret or Revenge - or incubated inside Ron Gilbert himself - it's wrong in their eyes.
  • im sure telltale games will do a great monkey island!

    but i think the graphics could be better ... but i prefer their guybrush compared to the one you can see on the lucasarts website, the lucasarts one is ugly, in the telltale game i don't like the le chuck face, the lips are so huge and the face is kinda strange ;) another thing, which i dont know if it was the best decision is to release the game as espisodes ... but as i already said before, when i heard this morning telltale got the right to do a monkey island my heart started bumping really hard, im really excited!
  • noknowncure;127586 said:
    Telltale also have to contend with the fact that some people literally don't want to like new MI. If it's not Secret or Revenge - or incubated inside Ron Gilbert himself - it's wrong in their eyes.
    I totally agree with this. Every other post I've seen after this announcement has been something like, "Is Ron Gilbert involved??" He doesn't do Monkey Island anymore, deal.
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