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monkey island on steam

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Hello Telltale Games Staff,

Could you please start preorder on steam too, i bought all your adcentures there, the last two years i only bought games on steam and dont want to spread my games on multiple download plattforms, please ;)

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  • I am the same. Nut I just preordered here. The bonuses are just insane this time. I really want the DVD for this game. And the Access to the subforum. And it was so much cheaper...

  • thx for the link, did not see that one, i could have searched :S
  • Can anyone help me in this - I know it's not the right place to ask this, but - I would like to be able to play Monkey Island Special Edition without Steam. Please allow me to dislike programs like Steam and please don't try to convince me... I simply dislike it and consider it as a bloatware what won't allow me to do what I want. I wanted to buy MI:SE on steam but I read and it seems impossible to run it without steam. Now if I buy it I consider it mine and I want to be able to use it without this "little" "add-on". So I write this down here becouse I would like to inform the Telltale people that it's great that they provide games WITHOUT steam.
    Becouse if I would need to use the steam version, I would end up using an illegal copy instead of buying it. Not becouse I don't want to pay. It's becouse I don't want steam at all!
    Please continue to give us normal downloads and real CD/DVD editions... Then I can buy it! Thank you in advance! :)

    p.s.: steam? everything can be, and will be cracked, actually... even steam... so it's a bit pointless effort... steam maybe helps the developers get a bit more reward for their work but it also scares away customers like me. It is so unfortunate!
    I have a dream... If someone really want his game not to be stolen, he should give it for free. then it cannot be stolen. donationware is the best. :) Yeah but maybe this is only a fantasy...
    BUT normal downloads and normal DVDs are not! please continue to provide them :)
  • Well, along with MI2SE, Lucasarts announced that they will be releasing MI1SE to the Telltale Store! Just have to wait a while before it arrives here, tho.
  • The entire point of preorder bonuses is to get people to order directly from Telltale, which gives the developer 100% of the cost instead of Valve taking a cut. So no, I doubt they'll be giving preorder bonuses at third-party stores.
  • Unfortunately we are not in charge of Steam's deals in regards to our software, nor do we have access to their database of purchasers if buying through steam becomes a problem. Imagine it like us shipping a box of games over to Steam's retail store- we have no way of tracking the purchases or affecting the prices at all.
    Great news though, is that when Steam's service becomes available for Mac, they'll be offering Valve's games on Mac for no additional charge if you've already purchased them. That means they'll probably do the same for us! Steam buyers can get the Mac version through there for the same deal as through our site- pretty snazzy eh?

    We try to make it as easy as possible for people to purchase our game through whatever means they feel comfortable, and Steam is a large part of that. However, to get all the bonuses we offer like DVDs, pre-order bonuses and so on, you'd have to order it through our site.
  • I agree about not wanting to use Steam. I don't play many games except Monkey Island at this point in my life. And as someone who has saved every single box, disc, cd ever associated with my old games, it is nice to have (if not a hard copy) a way to put the software somewhere I can store it and play in the far future. I don't like paying money for something that I don't have control over.

    I have a couple of computers in my house, some very old that my father and I have repaired as the years have gone by, and I even play the older monkey islands and other games on them, very authentically.

    I am very glad that Telltale let me purchase the disc and download the file onto my computer, for my use. I intend buying the deluxe package for the bonus goodies as well.

    I did buy the SMI: SE and did use steam for it, but seeing the second game's SE in the works, just makes me want to collect it (permanently) even more. And I'm glad to hear there will be an option to buy a hard copy from the Telltale store. I will definitely be purchasing any hard copies that become available. Please continue providing them!
  • Where did you hear about the hardcopy thing? Because, such hasn't been mentioned before anywhere.

    It still looks like just the DL version, SMI:SE. No word on LCR:SE.
  • Oh, I think I misread one of the above posts (wishful thinking I guess).

    It was the down-loadable version from SMI:SE. I thought that meant we could buy a disc. Do you know if the DL version can be copied onto a CD for storage purposes?

    Edit: Also, do the DVDs or DL require internet connections to play? Or are they self contained and usable anytime?
  • Jenny;274140 said:
    It was the down-loadable version from SMI:SE. I thought that meant we could buy a disc. Do you know if the DL version can be copied onto a CD for storage purposes?
    If it uses the usual Telltale DRM solution, then no. That is, you can store the install files on a disk, but it will call home one if you try activating it.
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