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A Monkey Island Question

posted by tomo_cjt on - last edited - Viewed by 168 users
I've already pre-ordered my copy of ToMI and am eagerly awaiting it however I have a slight problem - I'm going to be away on holiday when it is released.

Rather than postpone my holiday and annoy my entire family and missus (what can I say, you make good games :D) Is it possible for someone to download the game and install it, burn the game directory to a DVD and ship it to me, where I then enter my activation code (sans internet access) to play it, or am I snookered?
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  • We won't be able to do that, but you could certainly forward your account info to a friend and ask them to do you a favor.

    However to activate the game without internet you'll need to send us an email with an activation request code that will be generated when you install the game... so if you're going to be somewhere without an internet connection, you might just have to wait until you get home. ;)
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