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The Legendary Monkey Island FanArt

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For those of you who were not a part of the Monkey Island community back in the days, there was a lot of fanart, as can be seen here

I don't know about you guys but I got inspired right away when I saw the Tales of Monkey Island footage and I've been sketching like a madman the past two days.

Any artists in here? I'm curious if we'll see some new ecxiting work. And I of course hope dat some old favorites like Ado will come back to make some more masterpieces :)
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  • Thanks, Lennie! It's tough for me to say exactly how long it took; I should keep better track. I actually started it late August, but before I posted it, there were stretches of days where I didn't touch it, or just made a slight modification. All in all, maybe 3 weeks to a month of work, on and off? I was hoping to do the cover of Monkey Island 2, so I'll try to keep better track of that one.
  • Hi all friend!! Sorry if I didn’t logged in the forum in this last time ( I have done more commitments ).
    Finally I can show this alternative cover for the special edition collection (this is only a little competition of the Italian Game stop , this draw will be note in the real cover of the stores)..
    I hope do you like this :)
    [IMG][/img]29911010150361429127272.jpg Uploaded with
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Cirolmo, your fandom exceeds all our expectations. Great, great work once again. You're often a little low on value contrasts but what you do with negative space other artists can only dream of.

    I really hope to see more from you here.
  • I thought you might dig this as much as I do: Gabez from Mixnmojo made this post card based on a piece of concept art by Steve Purcell. I thought it was brilliant and always wanted to have it hanging on my wall but the resolution of the image back in the days wasn't good enough. To make a long story short: I remade it and here it is.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Don't know where I am going with my art this year. 2011 wasn't exactly productive, and I fear I have to re-learn a lot I once knew by heart. I hope I have the time and dedication.

    Maybe a more bold approach is the easiest way to progress.

  • picture.php?albumid=329&pictureid=2475

    My Facebook timeline attempt. Don't think any of my friends get it. I need new friends.

    The idol's face makes me happy :)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    Seifer26 wrote: »
    Does anyone have the picture from this box in a wallpaper size format, preferably 1920 x1200? I can't find it anywhere, and it's a wonderful picture.
    Alex IDV wrote: »
    That doesn't have ANYTHING to do with fanart, but here's a high resolution pic of the cover art:
    Thanks for the high-res pic nonetheless!! I love the art, but somehow, in that resolution, the digital coloring stands out as somewhat unnatural. I would have preferred some real watercolor. :D

    I'll take that last comment back. The problem was not the digital coloring, but in fact the faulty cutout to add a black background. Ryan has posted the original piece on his blog last Sunday, and I dare say it looks fantastic that way.


    Now THAT's what I'm talking about!! :D :D :D

    edit: Here's Steve Purcell's rough composition of the picture for comparison.

  • That is awesome. I wish we could get a higher res. version of that... :)
  • Hi! first post, long time lurker Been a fan of the series since I was a wee kiddo hehe, also finished this little art piece and I thought it would be fun to share c: twin_lechucks_unite__by_sirice-d4pa7md.png
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