A Waiting Storm: A Murder Mystery By Crips, Maxbear29, Pipas, and Jen (Submit Characters Here!)

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Crips, Jen (Imighthavebrokenit), Pipas and I got to talking on Skype, and we decided to collaborate on making a story together. We all had ideas, and liked writing (Except Pipas, who is there for moral support XD), so we decided to make a murder mystery together. This is the space where you submit characters, and the link to the story will be in here once we make it. We want as many characters as we can get, so even if you don't feel confident in submitting a character, still try, every character is appreciated. They don't have to be detailed masterpieces, they can be small, and leave us room to expand! There will be voting on the parts, and I'll post a Google Doc (Made by Imighthavebrokenit), for you to submit your character in. If you can guess the killer correctly, then you get.....Pride and bragging rights! Yay! Have fun reading, voting, and submitting characters! Happy sleuthing! (Please don't submit characters from other media. I'm looking at you, Anders from Dragon Age.)

Submit Characters: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YsgCItmx9UAWislkRlnoorceF0RCJdZZEbzf9uL-mzc/viewform


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