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They should make telltale texas hold em 2

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I love the concept.. and well I love texas hold em.. The key to there being a next game is.. the ability to save your highest score..or highest stack..that would add to the replayability(is that a word?) anyway if you had about 10 characters in the second game.. the ability to play tournaments.. ability to play limit and no limit.. this would turn a really fun game into something you'd play quite often..hey better than solitaire.. If you mix the characters great voice acting and great writing with a game that has a lot of replay value..then you got a winning formuka for the "casual gamer" that telltale seems interested in.. What do you think?
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  • Brilliant!!! Telltale Texas Holdem: Sam & Max Edition! :D
  • Now that would be cool! Imagine Max when he lose a game :)
  • That could be a very, very dangerous situation. :(
  • I'd say upgrade it, and I'll buy it. It's just too simple right now. No high scores even! I've tried other similar poker games that offer a even cheaper price than this, which gives a lot more for the money.

    A upgrade or a new sequel? What would a sequel have to offer, that a upgrade wouldn't have?
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    Ryan Telltale Alumni
    Unlockable characters and locations, such as General Israel Putnam and the creepy cellar from the movie Frailty, starring and directed by Bill Paxton.
  • Yes, they should make a second...With Sam, max, Wallace (and maybe Gromit), Strong Bad, and Bone as playable characters...and of course, the original crew
  • First of all, I'd rather it not be called Telltale Texas Hold'em 2. That makes it sound too sequel-ish.

    Second, there should be a character list you could choose from (personally, I don't care at all for Harry Weinhead).
  • Yes, they should make a second...With Sam, max, Wallace (and maybe Gromit), Strong Bad, and Bone as playable characters...and of course, the original crew
    I like this idea. I also like the idea that another card game be the focus (Blackjack, Hearts, something else)

    Incorporating both ideas, why not a menu with a small selection of games, say three or four different card games? Add to that a host of TTG's characters (perhaps, excluding the CSI squad) that you may choose to play against. There is a large primary and supporting cast to choose from and only so many seats to fill around the table. You could get some interesting card game banter by mixing and matching characters.

    I especially like an idea of a Bridge tournament with the option to choose a partner from the cast of TTG characters. I envision each character having his own way of hinting at the cards he's holding.

    P.S. It just occurred to me that such a game could be used in marketing/advertising. You must realize that someone might be purchasing only one game or series from TT. Sure, they see the other games being offered, yet aren't sold on the game's promotion page alone.

    This game would allow the player to sample all of TT's characters for one low price. I can see a Nick Park fan only here to purchase W&G games, see a card game, which includes the characters of Wallace and Gromit as players and purchase it too. Then, he gets introduced to the other TT worlds by selecting their characters to challenge in a card game. He might then be compelled to try a different game, like Bone or Sam and Max based on his introduction.
  • I don't know if someone's already suggested this or not.
    It would be really awesome if they could incorporate connections over WiFi so that you could play with other players from across the globe.
  • Well, it would seem that TellTale are considering it. I got my free copy of the original after doing the survey, but I'd like to see a second one! Perhaps with crossovers of characters (as mentioned above).

    One thing I noticed in the original that I'd like to see in a new one is more interaction between the characters. They didn't really talk to each other much. More talking would be nice.

    Customizable computer AI would be nice, as well as multiplayer support (offline, and maybe online too).

    What would be really awesome is if you had a commentator like the televised poker games. That would be epic!!!!
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