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Funniest joke/scene in the MI series *spoilers*

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What do you think was the funniest joke or scene in the entire series?

Obviously this thread is going to contain spoilers, so only read below if you've completed all the games! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

I think the funniest scene was in LeChuck's Revenge when Guybrush attaches the banana to the metronome to hypnotize JoJo. I literally laughed for a couple minutes when JoJo freezes, staring at the banana. I still LOL just thinking about it, rofl.
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  • How do I get out of this island!
  • I can't decide between "It doesn't look like a skull at all! It looks like a great big enormous duck! It should be called Duck Island!" and "A Pirate I Was Meant To Be."
  • Have you heard of Bobin Threadbare?
    or I'm Bobin Threadbare, are you my mother?

    both had me laughing, I love the reference jokes.
  • That reminds me, I love it when Guybrush is about to leave Skull Island and tells the Flying Welshman to wait a second...

    And pushes the winch operator off the cliff lol
  • I mentioned this in a different thread, but I think my favorite gag must be the circumstances of Stan's appearance in CMI. That is some tight and hilarious continuity.
  • One of my top 5.
    So stupid and simple...(just like me at the time i played this i guess).

  • ^ LULZ, I don't think I ever saw that scene.
  • I have loads, but there's one that really stands out for me...

    Near the start of Lechuck's Revenge, where Guybrush is gravedigging. It builds up suspense with creepy music, and for a moment it even switches to Largo, who shivers and says something like 'It feels like someone is walking on my grave!', then back to Guybrush, lightning strikes, highlighting his silhouette against the night sky. He thrusts his bounty aloft, epic music rolling in the background, and then... down go his trousers.

    It was just a brilliant moment because I didn't see it coming, at all. And for such an old game, it was a surprisingly cinematic scene, and thus very impressive.

    Edit: The memories come flooding back; tearing the pages out of that book, the manilla envelope, vandalising that wanted poster, taking well deserved jabs at that chubby Governer, telling Wally that Cap'n Dread stole his monocle... all golden. Gah, this is making me want to play MI 2... again.
  • "But it's pink!..."

    Yeah, probably not the best, but even today I can't look at anything pink and not think of Guybrush.
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