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Why are you guys comparing MISE to TMI ??

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Ones a respectible sequel condoned by lucas arts itself, and in cooperation....and the other is a remake of the first game. They should not be in competition, the one is a simple amp up of the old , and the other is a modern sequel game in full 3D and all the stops .... They aren't made in competition, and they hardly relate to one another..... From what I hear Gilbert was involved with both. So...yeah... Why is everyone walking around with a stick up there asses anymore? Can't we all just appreciate the two products, which are totally different ? One is a light hearted 3d 2d remake the other is a the sequel to a 14 year or some saga . I think its been that long... By the way TMI using full 3d and not looking like its from the early 90's is a good thing...not a bad thing ...its not trying to be a remake of an artifact . Peace .MISE looks good for what it is, but TMI is not MISE and MISE is not TMI .
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  • I for one am anxious for both
  • I'm only anxious for TMI. I've played MI1 alreayd a million times (and love it) but I love the original more. Even if the original is in MISE.
  • Yeah I love the original too its the first one I ever played... but I am looking forward to the voice acting and the new art style.... By no means will it replace my love for the original... just something new.
  • Yeah, MISE and TMI shouldn't be in competion. Furthermore, it marks the return of LucasArts doing something adventure related. I think we should all support MISE, instead of criticizing it as some people do because of the new look. It is obvious that choices had to be made, I personally love every redrawn background, as much as the characters new look (ok, they could have done Guybrush's hair less Son-Goku-looking).
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