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Your favorite TT Game

posted by Fulvio75 on - last edited - Viewed by 277 users
Hi all, i'm new to the forums and new to TellTale's home.

Since a pre-buyed Tales of Monkey Island i got the free episode bonus but i don't really know which one should i point to.
So i'm here to ask you which is your favorite TT game and why (:D) keeping in mind that i'm an OLD gamer :rolleyes: and a great fan of LucasFilm Games and Sierra!

thanks in advance!
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  • I like the Sam and Max games, though wouldn't know which to say is the best as I have not played them all, infact, only a few (relatively low on cash). I just like the humour and characters.
    Hopefully though, Tales of MI will reach my expectations and rocket to being my favourite; best game series of all time.
  • Favourite series is Sam & Max (with Reality 2.0 being my favourite episode), though I hope that TMI does enough to replace it!
  • My favourite is Sam & Max, more specifically the second season.
  • Personally I would say Sam and Max, with either Reality 2.0 or Night of the Raving Dead being my favourite episode.
  • Also, Abe Lincoln Must Die is free all the time. Reality 2.0 or Night of the Raving Dead are probably the most understandable Sam & Max games as stand alones. I liked Reality 2.0 more, personally.

    If zombies are your thing, there seemed to be quite a few people who thought Night of the Raving Dead was the best thing ever.

    Reality 2.0 has lots of gamer humour, poking fun at everything from the table-top to video games.
  • My favorite game by Telltale ties between Sam and Max(wins for commedy) and SBCG4AP (wins because I learned about Telltale from it).
  • thank you to all of you for your answers... it seems that Sam & Max still hires people! :D hehehe

    i've played the original game and, if i don't recall wrong, i liked it and so i think i'll point to that direction.
    thanks again guys and by the way... how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

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