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Telltale Fans Exclusive Interview!

posted by Heatherlee Telltale Alumni on - last edited - Viewed by 2.2K users
Dear Telltale Fans,

Because of your continued loyalty and love we have decided to give you, our stalwart fans, a chance to interview the Telltale team.

Here’s how this will work:

Amongst yourselves choose a moderator for this project. I don’t care how you do it, its completely up to you. I would recommend someone who works well with others.

Use the bulletin board to discuss which questions you would like to ask. They could be about anything related to Telltale…our staff members, Bone, Hold Em, Dank, donuts…anything.

You get 20 questions. (Multi-part questions will be disqualified).

Once you are satisfied, the moderator is in charge of making sure the questions are what everyone is expecting and then posting them.

I will make sure the correct people answer the questions. The answers will be in the next Telltale Blog.

During the above process, I will attempt to help you out by heading off any questions to which I am pretty sure the answer would be along the lines of “we can’t tell you.” (You probably have a decent idea of what these are). I don't promise I'll catch them all, though.

So there you have it. A Telltale Fans Exclusive Interview. Feel free to start a new thread to get organized, or just use this thread. The choice is up to you.
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  • Alright ! It seems my post was heard. I look forward to this interview.
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    Ok, so, who's the master?
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    Anyone with above average secretarial skills? Preferably someone that checks the forum daily.

    Though I think the best way to do this would be to have a 'question' thread, first post made by the moderater who can edit her or his post to include all 20 questions (question debate would go on below obviously.
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    Wow, this is cool idea.
  • ok well we can figure out who the figure head will be later. I think this would be a good place to start posting possible questions and then we can vote or something from there.
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    Great. Here's my question.

    "What does it take to start a company like Telltale and what are the processes that you had to go through before you started any of the pre-production on your first title?"

    By the way, if JP shows up anytime soon, I think he should be our mod because of all that experiance he has had over at mixnmojo. Only if he wants to though....
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    Heatherlee Telltale Alumni
    That's a two-part question my friend. Re-read the rules:
    "Multi-part questions will be disqualified".

    try again.
  • yeah we could break that up. My questions are mostly to bone. is a release date been set. can we expect to see a demo in the future or near future. If dank is going to get his own game or will appear in other tell tale games. If bone will have any new twists compared to that of a normal adventure game.
  • oh and will bone be released in retail stores
  • By the way, if JP shows up anytime soon, I think he should be our mod because of all that experiance he has had over at mixnmojo. Only if he wants to though....
    I quite like the vote & sort it all out by consensus within the thread idea, personally. Anyway, if this is Alucard's idea, he should be the Grand Pooh-Bah when it comes to delivering the 20 questions.

    My potential questions (obviously only one of these will probably actually get asked);

    Will the 3D engine you have developed / are developing ever be licensed for use by a 3rd party developer?

    What are your potential distribution & marketing channels for Bone outside of the internet?

    How do you propose to market the Bone games to 'Bone' / comic fans, rather than Adventure Game fans?
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